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  1. Must have this option. I want to use "link" it different from "group"
  2. Where is this feature? Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta - Added ability to drag and drop layers from one document to another
  3. Must have! So disappointed that option was not in the latest version.
  4. How to disable auto select layers?
  5. I think it should can disable auto select like photoshop , When I work with multiple layers it can make some annoying because it often auto select to another layer.
  6. Thai fonts is complex script there are a lot of vowels. Hope to see Thai language display correctly soon because I have to use Thai fonts for my work.
  7. I have got the same problem when selecting fonts
  8. I still waiting for fix this issue next version update. Both AD and AP.
  9. Changing size of thumbnails in layers panel should be improve , a lot of layer hard to see the thumbnail image. Photoshop has three different sizes for setting.
  10. It should improve text focus when finished typing When I type something and enter on keyboard normally the cursor should keep focus on whatever last option. For instance.... When you choosing a character and press enter, it should keep cursor focus on fonts list because maybe I need to change to other font I have to click on fonts list again!! Also other option not only just fonts panel. it should keep focus cursor on it. Please test in Photoshop or other app and you will see.
  11. I tried to count loading time on stratup same laptop machine AD = around 1.20 min. AD beta = around 1.20 min. Photoshop CS6 = around 6.x sec. Illustrator CS6 = around 9.x sec. Inkscpae = around 5.x sec. Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Home 64 bit Ram 8 GB ddr4 / Nvidia GTX 950M Please urgent fix this problem.
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