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  1. Yes I know. I was just stating how add layer in Designer works differently than add layer in Photo.
  2. I see. I guess that’s why the new layer button creates a folder. So we get used to grouping layers. Thanks.
  3. How do I merge curves with different pressure settings or tapering? Once I merge them, the curves that don't have any pressure settings just follow the the ones that have.
  4. nixiejames

    Import brushes failet

    I can't import this simple pencil taken from Photoshop as well. Pen.abr
  5. I say remove it coz it's depressing haha. I don't think it should be too difficult to change that and avoid complications with the link. The fact that you can still change the curve to a dash line style after you make it tells me that it should be possible to apply a textured line style only rasterized. I don't like using Designer's brushes on curves because of how they behave when closing a curve. They create a weird gap so you have to break the curve then just create the illusion that it is closed.
  6. If that’s the case, then they should’ve removed the texture line styles tab from the stroke settings. I’m hoping there’s a workaround.
  7. I'm on the latest beta of Affinity Photo and I can't apply brush shapes to curves made using the pen tool. I'm supposed to just change the stroke settings to texture line style then change the type of brush, right? Nothing happens afterwards. The stroke remains a regular line. Dash line style works so I know the curves in Photo are still smart objects. Applying textures to curves in Photo should be possible like in Designer.
  8. Oh God, why is this not ticked by default!?! Thank you so much dutchshader, carl123, and Errka Petti.
  9. I just updated to version and it still hasn't changed for me.
  10. Oh I forgot. I meant Affinity Photo. I wasn't just asking if it's highlighting or not. I also wanted to know if the Layers panel automatically makes the highlighted layer visible or if you still have to scroll through the layers to find that highlighted layer.
  11. So normally, once you select something on the workspace, the corresponding layer is highlighted in the layers panel, right? Is there a setting to make Affinity Photo go directly to that layer? I still have to scroll up or down the layers panel to find the highlighted layer. This is quite a hassle when dealing with a project with multiple layers. It's also one thing I like better in Photoshop.