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  1. Another editing controller for consideration Tourbox NEO. Application agnostic and extensive customization capabilities. If you try it, please share your experience.
  2. My observation for right-click has been that in the beta software, right-clicking in the sidebar directly on the page does not work. You need to click in a blank area of the sidebar just below the pages. I'm sure this is a minor UI bug, as in the Master pages tutorial, it clearly shows a contextual menu being displayed when right-clicking directly on a page in the sidebar. This stumped me for a few while I was following the tutorial.
  3. Off-topic: Does anyone know what software this discussion forum is running on?

    1. MEB


      Hi mtjoseph,

      It's running IPS Community Suite.

    2. mtjoseph
  4. Here's a great demo of Behringer X-touch mini in use with LR that may visually address your question. Not having any detailed knowledge of the midi interface/specs, I can't speak directly to your question of 128 value support. However, it would seem the actual resolution supported is greater than 128 discreet values based on actual usage. As Dan Moore writes, "the difference now is that midi controllers like the X-Touch Mini use encoder knobs which turn indefinitely and use an LED fan to indicate value. When connected to Lightroom using Midi2LR the encoder knobs update from photo to photo based on the given property." Effectively, using midi2lr and Behringer X-Touch Editor (PC only), one can set arbitrary value ranges: 0 to 100, -100 to 100, 0 to 16,387 with step/scale values. The step/scale effectively controlling the "sensitivity" of the knobs. Since the knobs turn indefinitely the mapping software controls the range of values being transmitted. Hopefully, the demo video answers your question on the mapping of controller knobs to input resolution.
  5. There shouldn't be an issue with MIDI value ranges. You can check out this link on midi2lightroom.com for a detailed explanation. The gist is that the interface controls the settings based on the type of "function" being mapped. Control settings/values are user-definable so can map to -M to +M as needed. The software interface also sets the controller's value/knob when switching between photos, ie. syncing knob's value auto-magically to match the photo's current values. I'm using LR + Behringer mini-touch ($69) + midi2lr. It's a great little combo. And, yes, I'm still dreaming of the day when AP supports a midi-interface.
  6. Well, hoping for something without a mortgage...LOL The real appeal for me is as a BYOD solution. The price can then scale according to individual taste. For example Korg Kontrol 2 - $59 paired with appropriate software. @Happy Kitten: Glad to hear this may be something of interest to the team. It easily could be an additional SKU complementing your other products. I'd definitely be interested in contributing to a MIDI2AP open-source project/effort. Could your test harness (which I assume is API driven) be extended/re-worked to facilitate a quick prototype/POC?
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this idea, but here goes... I just saw this today. An open source app (midi2lr) that lets you control LR via a midi controller. The obvious benefits are that you can have a hardware or virtual (think IPad based) device with dedicated analog controls (sliders, buttons, toggles, etc.) custom tailored to interact with AP. Take a look here to see what I mean. http://petapixel.com/2015/08/12/midi2lr-an-open-source-app-that-lets-you-use-any-midi-controller-in-lightroom/ (video at bottom, 1'41") What a great interface for interacting with a photo editor! There seems to be 3 components needed: 1. AP API (possibly via the Extension specification?) 2. MIDI2LR (fork open source project to create MIDI2AP) 3. Midi controller. These range in price from $ - $$$. Is their a high-level API for AP to allow for this type of input? Maybe via an Extension? Not sure as I haven't been able to find any documentation around this specification. Here is another example showing LR being controlled with an inexpensive midi controller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRwkDZguAQg (16'03") Thanks for your time. Thoughts?
  8. I've searched the forums but not found any answers, or maybe the lack of an answer is the answer... It seems AD does not have the "Clip Canvas" command? Is this correct? I see where this feature is directly supported in AP under Document | Clip Canvas. Is there a simple workaround to achieve this in AD? Thanks, MJ
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