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  1. How is it possible that in a program that is supposed to be professional I cant even find out how long my line is while I draw it consistently. I am not a professional at all. All I am trying to do is use it to make floor plans for a renovation project. Not being able to easily see the length of a line is absurd. I am a NOOB and immediately this missing feature makes my job a lot more difficult. Surely the program has this information already. Just give me a tiny little window in the toolbar that shows the length. People have been asking for this for five years. This seems to be to be a tool as necessary as the pen tool itself. Baffled.
  2. Or street, or any time you don't have time to compose your shot perfectly. Good grief.
  3. It would be the same process except it looks like you would have to use Datacolors software because they have the colors flipped on the card for some reason. By taking a quick glance on the Datacolor website it seems that they have software that works withere cards. Just export the ICC profile and apply it in Affinity Photo.
  4. I don't recall this happening to me but it has been a while. I have been using Capture One Pro 20 for 99% of my work. It is just way faster and does what I need. I use Photo only when I need HDR or to do some cool comping and layering work. Why not just adjust the brightness with an adjustment layer after the fact to regain your highlights?
  5. Just found this here in the forum. Seems to be the best answer so far.... Lee D I'm not a window cleaner Moderators 367 2,516 posts Location: Nottingham Both are similar, Brightness will preserve the highlights and is usually used for adjusting midtones whereas adjusting the Exposure will blow them out.
  6. Just noticed this is from 2016 LOL but hey still have the question. I have the same question and that description does not help at all. What is the difference between Lightness and darkness and Highlight and shadow? The manual does nothing to explain the difference either. Seems like something that needs a simple technical answer so users can better understand when to use one over the other or how to use them together better. For me right now it is I try one then the other and go for the one I like best. I just want to understand
  7. ! Right! Thanks Gabriel for pointing that out I am not sure how long it would have taken for me to have just stumbled over that one day and gone "wait a second here".
  8. Does it work when you use the mouse? Is the tablet responding? Does the tablet work in other programs? If so you might want to check that the pressure settings are not incorrectly.
  9. Gabriel I could not even find the file you where talking about on my computer it did not seem to exist and I honestly could not be bothered to come back here to try and drag more information out of you. I just wanted to follow up on this thread in the hopes that if this happens to anyone else they know how to fix it with out having to go through all the waiting around. To fix the problem On windows 10 machines navigate to C:/Users/[user name]/AppData/Roaming/Affinity/Photo/1.0/Settings. The AppData folder is hidden so you might need to reveal it by going to the top of your file explorer and check the box beside the "Hidden items" in the "View" tab. Once in that folder find the file named ToolsPreferences and rename it to ToolsPreferences.backup Run Photo and hopefully your problem is fixed. I don't know where that file would be on mac but hopefully if you run into this problem you know where that might be. All the best Affinity Photo users! Peace Anyone who cares about the details the only difference between the two files is this line at the end <HighPrecisionTabletInput>True</HighPrecisionTabletInput> For some reason this line of text was causing the problem. I don't know why or how it got there. I don't imagine another program or driver added it to the affinity ToolsPreferences file. But hey I am not a programmer so I don't rely have a clue. I did take a look to see if the offending line was in the Beta ToolsPreferences file and it was not.
  10. I use a Intel I7 3800 Clocked at 5000 with 16 gigs of 2600 DDR3. My video cards are nothing special R7 200 Series. It seems from looking at the performance monitor in Windows 10 that Affinity Photo almost gets no use out of the video card. It all seems to hit the CPU. This has been confirmed in other threads here on the forum. I am not sure why this is but I am guessing trying to account for all the different video cards would be pretty tough and CPU's are getting pretty dam fast these days. Thank you so much for your lengthy reply to my message. I will go through it and try all of it!
  11. GabrielM I have to say that this issue has gotten a little under my skin. So your saying that I should use the un-stable version of 1.7 or just tuff it out with 1.6 with a no longer functioning tablet? No support at all offered in a public forum for a supported feature? It was working fine. Then it stopped working. It is not like it was never supported and I am waiting for it to come down the pipe. The tablet works fine in all other programs. It is an Affinity Photo Problem. I would like at least a suggestion as to what I could try to attempt to fix the issue. Here is a quote from Andy Somerfield that took all of about 10 seconds to google up. Yep should work it seems so why not offer some support? I posted this a month ago. Andy Somerfield Affinity Photo Lead Moderators 2,208 2,241 posts Posted February 15, 2015 Hi, We support pressure and pretty much all other features of modern graphics tablets Thanks,"
  12. I do every single time I have to crop. Having to select it every single time by default as opposed to Photo starting with a constrained ratio is so annoying. Free form cropping is VERY rarely useful in photography in my experience.
  13. Totally get what your saying. I usually shoot a little wide so I can fine tune in the comfort of my home. When I'm out shooting my conditions are often not at a comfortable so I leave that room for myself. Either that or I was shooting with a prime and was unable to get where I wanted, fence, cliff lake or so on. Also vintage lenses are a factor.
  14. The problem is the beta is not stable for me. I have had serious problems with LUT files crashing the program and I don't trust the macros anymore. The drawing tablet was working fine and then with no reason I can think of it just stopped working and only with Affinity Photo 1.6.5.
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