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  1. Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I have try to remove stars, it worked, but i think i was editing too aggressive and also possible that i need some more data for that nebula to get more details first. I'm working on Flaming star nebula.
  2. Hey James ! Thank you very much for this info and also that you're also doing astrophotography. I'm working with Astro Pixel Processor application and i can save images also in 32-bit , so i'll try that option next time, so far i was saving just in 16-bit. I'm going to shoot some more data this night for Flaming Star Nebula, i already have 30min of data, but that's not much, going to add at least 1 more hour of data, then i'll stack everything in APP and try with first edit in Affinity Photo and later i'm using Luminar 4 application (wish this one could perform better overall, somehow slow app) for final touch.
  3. Hi there ! I'm using Affinity Photo also for editing astro photos. I have a quesiton, how can i do "Star Removal" like i have here link, "how to do that in Photoshop" and how to do that in Affinity Photo ? link : https://astrobackyard.com/star-removal-in-photoshop/ Thanks for any kind of information, Best, Matej
  4. Hi there ! Since i don't have PS anymore, i wanted to stay and focus editing just with Affinity. I have one PS plugin and is it possible to use that plugin in Affinity, since i have noticed there's an option for manage plugins in Affinity ? If yes, where do i have to put this plugin to be recognizable in Affinity ? Best
  5. Like i said. I have some tutorials which are for Photoshop. (astro photography mainly). Until i don't discover that i can work exactly the same with Affinity, i'll stay also on Photoshop.
  6. Thanks to all for your answers. I will continue to learn both programs, then, after some time, i'll see, if i can work everything just in Affinity. Like i said, i really like Affinity interface, also graphically looks better to me and more organized.
  7. Hi ! I know i can read this topic on several other forums and it was already talked a lot i think, but anyway, since here are mostly Affinity users, i'll ask here :) I have tried now Adobe cloud with Photoshop and Lightroom. I have installed it for a month now. But still, not that comfortable than with Affinity. Since i'm using stacking , panorama a lot, i think Affinity has better interface and a lot easier access to that options, which i like a lot. I was installed Photoshop mainly , cause i also work with Astro photography and there are a lot of manuals (videos), how to blend 2 photos together (foreground and sky), other tips and so on. I also have one plugin for Photoshop (Orion, from Miklywayhunters) which i wanted to try for milkyways and night photos, but didn't find it so usefull, also didn't learned a lot so far :) On other hand , paying monthly for Adobe cloud is quite a lot over years, so Affinity wins. What do you think about that ? Best, Matej
  8. Hi ! Does anyone here using Affinity photo for night photography and blending 2 photos together ? One is foreground, single long exposure and other multiple sky exposures (stacked together in sequator). What i have tried so far and it came out quite nice is using Panorama option and then program blended photos together. Not sure if this is proper way to use for that kind of photography. Any information, link or anything similar would be nice Best
  9. I got a refund for Affinity Designer and i bought Affinity Photo. So , everything is fine now Great support, Best
  10. Thanks for your answers ! Yes, emmrecs01, you're right. I made wrong purchase. I was thinking that Designer is program i need, but i should purchase Photo version. Well, it happens. I'll see if i'll keep Designer, my main priority is photo editing
  11. Hi there ! I'm new to Affinity program. I have latest version of Affinity designer I have 2 question about program and tools. I want to sharpen picture and i was looking for sharpenning option or unsharp mask option, but there's nothing at layer adjustments, am i missing something here ? also , where can i find settings for lens correction option, or is already automaticly applied ? thanks for any kind of information, best
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