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Brush Tool: Previews too small

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The Previews of the brushes are too small.
When you have a lot of similar brushes, it is actually hard to find the one your are looking for:


In Photoshop you can choose different ways of displaying brushes.
Here the biggest previews are 64x64px(in CS6), but 128px would be my preferred display size.


My suggestion:
I would give option for display style and display size:

Display Style:

  • Text only
  • List
  • Thumbnail
  • Thumbnail with (Stroke) Preview

Display Size:

  • Small (16x16px)
  • Medium (32x32px)
  • Large (64x64px)
  • Extra Large (128x128px)

I used this technique for some dashboard on a monitoring website.
In your case, you would just need to use a variable for the size factor and multiply the base size(e.g. 16x16px) with it and calculate the height of the preview, while the width would depend on the brush view size.

With this you would handle most needs a brush user could have for displaying the brushes. :-)




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Windows 7 Prof.; Affinity Photo

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I concur. The brush panel thumbnails are way too small. I use brushes quite a bit and I find in Affinity Photo that I generally have to individually click on each one to open it up and then reduce the spacing to see what it is. This wastes a great deal of time, not to mention being irritating. The Affinity brushes panel is not so great and needs some work.  

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Cecil - North Carolina

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Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection 

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