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  1. There are plenty of free libraries for importing and exporting dxf/dwg files... most under GNU licencing. This would take a single afternoon to implement!!! example of such libraries https://github.com/codelibs/libdxfrw
  2. What bothers me the most at this point is that Affinity does not listen to customers.... that is so desapointing. I mentioned this many time... but DWG/DFX support was available in Serif Publisher already.... so porting it should not be that hard.
  3. Oh now I see..... All the layers shows in the develop persona, but only the selected one is edited... In photoshop Capture Raw only the selected layer content is displayed that is why I got confused. Thanks
  4. Hello. In photoshop one can send a single layer to the Camera raw filter. Edit that particular layer there and d then send it back to the project Is it posible to do that in Affinity with Photo persona? So far I can only send the entire composition and not single layer Thanks!
  5. I have been a Serif Drawplus and Page plus user for many year... both are capable of importing DWG/DXF files So I dont undertand why they are not included in the Affinity line. The only reason I can think of is that they might have used some library that was available for windows only.
  6. yes please... amzing you did no considered this feature already....
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