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  1. In this tutorial I will show you how you can create a colorful brush with multiple images using Affinity Designer. I created 5 brushes like these in this tutorial and you can go and download them from my freebies page: - https://www.xresch.com/design-freebies/
  2. (This is as well a workaround for auto tracing, until Affinity Designer will include it in an upcoming version.) In this tutorial I will show you how you can prepare a scanned handdrawing with Affinity Photo for bitmap tracing, to get a result with smooth lines and less speckles. As Affinity Designer is currently not shipped with a built in feature for tracing bitmaps, I will use InkScape for vectorization of the image.
  3. Created a new tutorial to show you how to use the new lightning brushes you can find in the affinity store: Brushes >> https://affinity.serif.com/de/store/product/102-lightning-brushes/ Tutorial >> https://www.xresch.com/tutorial-create-electricity-and-lightning-effect-908/
  4. Hi Affinity Support, do you already have a plan if you take this up in you roadmap and if yes, in which version you will release it? Thanks in Advance xresch
  5. Thats already better wiht 1.7.3, at least we have now something displayed. Thanks to the team for the workaround! Still would be cool to have some preview for styles that were created on pixel layers using the Layer Effects Panel. Maybe just using a default shape like a rectangle and showing the different layer effects on it like in Photoshop?
  6. works for me again with version 1.7.3. Thanks to the team for fixing this issue. :-)
  7. I found two worarounds for the time being: Either downgrade to a previous version like 1.7.0 and wait for the issue being fixed in a future version. Or convert the brushes to PNGs and as described here, and import them using ""Brush Panel >> Menu >> New Intensity Brush". Downside to this method is that you are losing all the brush settings, also you have to import every brush on its own, as there is no batch import. I created a feature request for a batch import here.
  8. Using the option "Brush Panel >> Menu >> New Intensity Brush" and selecting multiple PNGs will result in a single brush containing the selected png images as nozzels. If I want to import several PNG files as distinct brushes, the only way is to select each and every single PNG file and create a brush out of it. I would like to suggest the following: Change the option "New Intensity Brush" to "New Multi Nozzel Brush". Create a new option called "Create Intensity Brushes" and allow multiple pngs be imported as distinct brushes.
  9. When opening the Color Chooser and using the CMYK sliders, when you click and drag the point on the colorful rectangle, pure black cannot be selected. The selection will go to the below values. If pure black is desired, the for sliders have to be used to get it. This issue is not present for RGB Sliders, there the mechanism of dragging the point on the rainbow area works fine.
  10. Hi everyone, I just created a tutorial that was requested by several people who bought my 180 Smoke and Cloud Brushes from the Affinity store. In the following tutorial you learn how you can use the smoke brushes to create a fire effect on regular images. Hope you enjoy it! :-) https://www.xresch.com/tutorial-fire-effect-on-images-876/
  11. Hi GabrielM, I have them as a free download on my website, you can get them from there >> https://www.xresch.com/design-freebies/ I could imagine that the Radius of 0.2px I'm using for this effects are not big enough for showing up on the preview. Maybe the preview would work with some "blurred", "soft" or "partially transparent" parts, not sure about that. Cheers xresch
  12. Hi Jak, I made as well a small tutorial on how to colorize the smoke with layer styles in affinity: https://www.xresch.com/fire-effect-smoke-brushes-and-layer-styles-529/#toc_anchor_5 Also you can find some predefined affinity styles including fire effects for free on my website: https://www.xresch.com/design-freebies/ Just be aware that the styles might not displayed properly in the styles panel, as described in the bug I have reported here:
  13. Affected Version: 1.7.1 I tried to reproduce some photoshop styles I used to color smoke like fire. This actually works quite well. The issue here is that I cannot distinguish between the several styles I have created, as the previews in the styles panel is empty. Screenshot: There are actually 18 styles in the selected category, all selectable through a transparent square that hightlights blue when clicked.
  14. I'm currently converting some photohsop brushes to affinity format. For brushes with dynamics I have to select each brush manually and change the parameters to the desired values. It would be much easier if I could: Right Click a Brush >> Copy Settings Select Multiple Brushes using Ctrl+Click and/or Shift+Click Past the copied settings. This would also be really useful when affinity users are creating brushes and want to do changes to all brushes very fast.
  15. The Previews of the brushes are too small. When you have a lot of similar brushes, it is actually hard to find the one your are looking for: In Photoshop you can choose different ways of displaying brushes. Here the biggest previews are 64x64px(in CS6), but 128px would be my preferred display size. My suggestion: I would give option for display style and display size: Display Style: Text only List Thumbnail Thumbnail with (Stroke) Preview Display Size: Small (16x16px) Medium (32x32px) Large (64x64px) Extra L
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