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  1. Affected Version: 1.7.1 I tried to reproduce some photoshop styles I used to color smoke like fire. This actually works quite well. The issue here is that I cannot distinguish between the several styles I have created, as the previews in the styles panel is empty. Screenshot: There are actually 18 styles in the selected category, all selectable through a transparent square that hightlights blue when clicked.
  2. I'm currently converting some photohsop brushes to affinity format. For brushes with dynamics I have to select each brush manually and change the parameters to the desired values. It would be much easier if I could: Right Click a Brush >> Copy Settings Select Multiple Brushes using Ctrl+Click and/or Shift+Click Past the copied settings. This would also be really useful when affinity users are creating brushes and want to do changes to all brushes very fast.
  3. The Previews of the brushes are too small. When you have a lot of similar brushes, it is actually hard to find the one your are looking for: In Photoshop you can choose different ways of displaying brushes. Here the biggest previews are 64x64px(in CS6), but 128px would be my preferred display size. My suggestion: I would give option for display style and display size: Display Style: Text only List Thumbnail Thumbnail with (Stroke) Preview Display Size: Small (16x16px) Medium (32x32px) Large (64x64px) Extra Large (128x128px) I used this technique for some dashboard on a monitoring website. In your case, you would just need to use a variable for the size factor and multiply the base size(e.g. 16x16px) with it and calculate the height of the preview, while the width would depend on the brush view size. With this you would handle most needs a brush user could have for displaying the brushes. :-)
  4. I'm currently converting some of my photoshop brushes to affinity. While doing this, the changed parameters do not always change properly. For example, I adjusted the parameters to the following settings: Then I proceeded to the next brush by selecting it and do the changes. Afterwards I sometimes see, that the settings I did on a previous brush did not apply and were reverted.
  5. When importing brushes from Photoshop, dynamics can have a higher value than the GUI actually allows. In below image Scatter X / Y is on 570%, normally only 400% is possible through the UI. I actually would love when this setting has a slieder to 1000%, or there is a very high limit like 5000% on the textbox. This would help create more versatile brushes that come closer to what I already have in Photoshop.
  6. Hi MEB, that's super, exactly what I needed. =) Thanks for the fast support! Cheers xresch
  7. Hi dominik, that looks exactly for what I'm looking for, I will check it out for sure! Thanks for the fast support! Cheers xresch
  8. I often have to use the function "Layer >> Alignment >> Space Vertically/Horizontally". Currently I only see this in the menu but not in the right click context menu or in the toolbar. Would be really cool to get this in either the toolbar or the context menu.
  9. I often have to create a lot of files in various formats for my customers. What would be a really good feature would be a "Bulk Export" Dialog, were I can choose: the formats I want to save with checkboxes The location to save A name for the files I think the best way to do this regarding settings would be to take the last export settings from the regular export dialog.
  10. I often use the Export Setting "Area >> Selection without Background". The issue with this is that Affinity Designer does not remember the setting and it has to be chosen each time again. It would be cool if the setting would be remembered, this would make it easier when you have to save a lot of designes you keep in a single document.