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  1. I want a robust brush manager; that's my #1 item.
  2. I like the Affinity Photo user interface and would not be in favor of an overhaul.
  3. Definitely too small. I have been using CTRL+= to increase it.
  4. This type of brush management is at the top of my list of things that AP needs to add. The current situation is pretty bad for efficiently working with different brushes.
  5. This topic is at the top of my list. I'm using AP to paint and have bought some neat brushes. Would really be nice to have a way to work with them more easily. Also, there is currently no way to reset a brush to its default settings after working with it.
  6. So helpful, thanks! I hadn't even thought of trying that, but it looks great.
  7. I understand the Paint Mixer Brush and Smudge tool are the Affinity Photo way of blending. I just think it's inferior to the way Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter do it.
  8. Yeah, I'm still not seeing the brush pick up color from the underlying stroke. I think flow is just how quickly the brush "warms up", so to speak.
  9. Hi everyone, something I do not know how to do in Affinity Photo is for a standard brush to pick up / naturally mix with paint already on the canvas. Some of the brushes in Clip Studio Paint do this; no blending tool or special mixer brush required. It's what I would expect for an experience that mimics acrylic painting on traditional media. For some reason, I am not able to get the Paint Mixer Brush to behave the way I want: as a normal brush that naturally mixes with what's underneath. I might just not know the settings to use to mimic this effect. Thanks!
  10. I don't know if this idea has ever been done before in art software, but I have been using APhoto a lot for digital painting and kept wishing it had this. It would be a way to partially undo a long brushstroke without having to undo and redraw the whole thing. I suppose it would work by updating in increments (perhaps in the 0.1-0.5 second range) the history of the brush stroke. Then, if I make a mistake, I can rewind to the part of the brushstroke in which things were spot on. Alternatively, a long brushstroke could be stored in a list that can be selectively edited. Has anyone thought of something like that before?
  11. I think the user interface looks great as-is, so I certainly hope they don't make a change like this as the default option.
  12. A rotate tool would also be a good solution. But ClipStudio Paint does let you rotate the view with gestures, so that's probably the best idea. Cool that it works on the Mac.
  13. I'm talking about on Windows on a Surface Pro 7. I can zoom the view with gestures, but not rotate.
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