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  1. I concur. The brush panel thumbnails are way too small. I use brushes quite a bit and I find in Affinity Photo that I generally have to individually click on each one to open it up and then reduce the spacing to see what it is. This wastes a great deal of time, not to mention being irritating. The Affinity brushes panel is not so great and needs some work.
  2. OK, well after using Affinity Photo exclusively to 6 months, I have returned to Photoshop - in large part because of this. I use two monitors and while the panels (on monitor two) appear in the same position when I reopen Affinity Photo, they always need to be resized. It is really, REALLY annoying.
  3. My vote too. I had hoped it would appear in 1.7 but, sigh, no luck. I also find that Affinity does not save precisely the current configuration on shut down. I use two monitors and invariably find I am having to do minor, but annoying, bits of tweaking to get things back where they were. I opened Photoshop for the first time in ages today and you know, it was so nice to be able to just click My Workspace and see everything arranged just the way I like it. Would it really be that hard to add this feature to Affinity products? Every other piece of photo software seems to have it.
  4. Being unable to reorder the categories in the Brush panel has been an on-going gripe of mine. Affinity just tacks new brush categories to the bottom of an ever-growing list of imports and it soon becomes a jumble where I waste time hunting down categories. Photoshop allows you to drag brush categories around, helping keep them in alphabetical order. Affinity, on the other hand, just becomes alphabet soup. I have come up with a work around, though. If things are getting disordered in your list of imported brushes, try this: Restore the brush panel to its default setting. Edit>Pre
  5. Adobe has made improvements to the Photoshop brush manager recently and my opinion is that Affinity Photo is well behind. I have a large collection and use them a lot, but managing them from AP is difficult. There is no way to arrange loaded brush categories alphabetically, so they become a jumble I have to fish through to find what I want. And when I do locate the correct category, selecting the brush I want is really hard with those tiny little thumbnails. Having to click on each individual cloud brush to get an idea of what it looks like is inefficient and frustrating. So if you are reading
  6. This can be a problem. I have been working on a project with a lot of blue, and the guides just disappear. A workaround, though, is to create a long, thin rectangle. You can make it any colour and thickness you like. Another problem I have with the guides is that they are only horizontal and vertical, which isn't much help for perspective work. Again, I get around this by creating guides made out of stretched rectangles, but it would be better if I didn't have to use a workaround for something fairly fundamental.
  7. This has been raised on a number of threads. I have had Affinity Photo sitting on my computer for about a year, but I keep drifting back to Photoshop. The reason? I can't work with those near useless, little thumbnails in the layers panel. I flick my eyes to the layers panel constantly while I am working and having a decent sized thumbnail helps me quickly see which layer I am working on, without necessarily having to stop and read the description (assuming I have got around to changing it). Until something is done about this problem, I expect Affinity Photo will continue to gather dust in my
  8. In Photoshop it is a simple matter to drag the categories around and get them in alphabetical order. But in Affinity Photo the categories are stuck in place, each new one attaching to the bottom of the list. It's ridiculous! I have around 40 categories and it is a time-wasting pain having to fish around through a jumble to find what I want. I want to use Affinity, really I do, but this is the sort of thing that drives me back to Photoshop.
  9. I'd like to see an option to increase layers panel thumbnail sizes too. I have been alternating between Photoshop and Affinity, with the intention of shifting over to Affinity completely if it meets my needs. However, I often find myself drifting back to Photoshop in preference to Affinity, one of the main reasons being I really dislike the pokey little thumbnails on the Affinity layers panel.
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