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  1. Wow, I just ran into this. Super-frustrating. It seems like it would be an easy fix: >If shape is closed, then no head or tail.
  2. I'm having this same issue. Very odd. Neither option or command +drag creates a duplicate. It seems to be specific to one file. Other files, it works just fine. Okay, it seems that I had somehow selected "All", but the marching ants weren't showing at the zoom I was at. A quick deselect and everything is back to working as expected.
  3. I want to export a bunch of InDesign files to PDF format so I can port them into Publisher. In Indesign, in addition to a bunch of image quality settings, like highest quality, etc. I have the choice of PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, which seem to be standards. Is there a preset or standard in InDesign that will give the best import into Publisher?
  4. I kind of agree with all the points in this thread. To be useful, the modifier keys need to be persistent on the screen, and on either the left or right edge, depending on your handedness.
  5. I have some brushes that I mostly use as stamps for grime, noise etc. They are set to have a random rotation, so that each time you click the brush, it rotates the brush shape. There seem to be two brush previews--an outline one that shows the basic brush, with no rotation, and one that is a preview of how the brush will look that is full colour, and shows the re-rotation of the brush each time it is stamped. Is there any way to disable the outline preview, or have it also rotate?
  6. When scaling an object If you lock the height and width together, and then type in a new dimension, it's all good, but if you drag on the number to change dimension, the other one changes out of proportion.
  7. Is there any way to scale a selection around the middle? On the desktop you would hold down a modifier key....
  8. The iPad version does memorize the settings if you do it through the studio, rather than the panel at the bottom. But I agree that being able to duplicate within the iPad app is pretty important.
  9. +1 for linking files. I frequently place an image in multiple files, and the files are all large because they each embed the image. Also, if the image changes, it has to be manually replaced in each file that contains it--quite a bit of work, and more potential error.
  10. Good to know. I now have previews in the other views, which I didn't before, and I'm sure the other will be along ;) You guys are doing a great job!
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