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  1. Thanks All for the quick replies. I'm more familiar with the iPad version and just realizing now as I'm getting used to it how much more capable the desktop version is. I will most certainly save my original .afdesign files.
  2. I'm starting a map project for print that will need updating annually. Before starting this project in Designer I need to understand exactly how editable the files will remain after export. Will the vector content and text still be editable in a .PSD export? Or will this only be possible in my original Designer document? Is there any time at which my vector content will become uneditible? Otherwise I could do it in Illustrator. I'm trying to move away from Illustrator to Designer and I just want to make sure it will work. I must admit that the .PSD export has me spooked. I don't want any vector content or text to become rasterized. I want to make sure my project can be scaled up if my clients decide to make a big poster as well as the smaller brochure.