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  1. Here’s where I have got to in the form of a work-around. In my case I’m using a 12.9” iPad Pro. My objects to be drawn would be about 50mm square in a side view. They are trial designs for objects I will carve in wood. I set my dimension units to mm. Turn on the grid and I discover my 50mm spaces are quite tiny on the page. 50mm looks about about 20mm. So I reset the scale of the grid spacing so my grid is bigger and pretend the spaces 2mm and that works well enough for the project at hand. Even though my actual document size is 482 x 361 mm, my grid small spacing has 120 lines on the 482 dimension of the screen.
  2. Is it possible to draw to scale in Affinity Designer? With dimensions? My searches don’t find anything on the topic.
  3. Sorry, I discovered a tutorial video about this topic just now, although it didn't appear when I did a search (Vimeo). I got lots of other things for Photoshop, etc. I thought I was just searching within the Affinity Designer section. I found the video by accident while looking for Paragraph Styles. So I guess this means I can't select 20 of the items and change them all at once?
  4. Sorry, I failed to specify Affinity Designer, desktop, on Mac OS. I'm writing text directly into the Design document. So then, it sounds like all U have to do is duplicate my English character style, make the duplicate into a French character style, select the specific French words and assign the French character style to them. Thank you all. I think that sounds workable.
  5. In Affinity Design, desktop, Mac OS. I would like to scale a number of individual objects to the same size. The transform panel is rather sparse. I don't see any way to scale an object by some % value. Is there some other way I can scale objects by a particular & value?
  6. I looked there and didn't see anything. A search only turned up my own message.
  7. That sounds reasonable enough.If I had separate English and French texts that would work well. However, English and French coexist in individual lines such as Sentier Fundy Trail, Rue Main St., Prom Bayview Dr., Parking/Stationnement. I had hoped I could select the portions of text that are French and assign them to the French dictionary.
  8. The iOS 10 and Grade UI assets sets don't contain anything useful to me. But I could use some standard map icons and typical stuff like an assortment of arrows, etc. Picnic table, Parking, gas station, restaurant, accommodations, scenic lookoff, gift shop, public beach, boat ramp, etc. Also typical landscape items like trees, bushes, cars, camper trailer, an assortment of buildings, all top view. So far my online searches have not found anything useful. I found a map set that was suitable for cartoons. Where can I find that sort of thing? Any places I should avoid?
  9. I'm making a map with bilingual text. How can I connect my text to both English and French spell checking?
  10. Thanks All for the quick replies. I'm more familiar with the iPad version and just realizing now as I'm getting used to it how much more capable the desktop version is. I will most certainly save my original .afdesign files.
  11. I'm starting a map project for print that will need updating annually. Before starting this project in Designer I need to understand exactly how editable the files will remain after export. Will the vector content and text still be editable in a .PSD export? Or will this only be possible in my original Designer document? Is there any time at which my vector content will become uneditible? Otherwise I could do it in Illustrator. I'm trying to move away from Illustrator to Designer and I just want to make sure it will work. I must admit that the .PSD export has me spooked. I don't want any vector content or text to become rasterized. I want to make sure my project can be scaled up if my clients decide to make a big poster as well as the smaller brochure.
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