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  1. @ZufDraw great question for developers! but I don't think they will answer us ( I waited so long for an answer that I found an alternative to affinity and now I just go to the forum to make sure once again that the developers do not care about this problem.
  2. when are you planning to improve the work of the brushes?
  3. @Dan C thanks for the answer! I'm sorry the brushes won't be able to customize, but I'm very happy to hear that you are working on importing brushes and improving the overall performance of the brushes. I love affinity and knowing that in the future I will be able to use the brushes I need, I can wait
  4. @Gabe thank you for the honest answer. It at least allows us to understand the current state of affairs.
  5. wow, problems with brushes have been talked about since 2019 and until now there is no solution.
  6. I wonder if the developers are planning to make synchronization like in Photoshop in future updates
  7. I do not quite understand what kind of display of the names of the brushes we are talking about. All my brushes have names
  8. @Jazznow just remembered. There is a wonderful channel on youtube about photo manipulation in affinity. https://youtube.com/c/IAMRENSI
  9. @walt.farrell Thank you very much! You just saved me. It's great that in affinity I can change the brush settings temporarily. Great news for me. Now I feel much freer about using brushes. Thanks again for the clarification.
  10. @zyfdraw they only register a problem with brushes (I'm waiting for an answer too. Most brushes don't work correctly
  11. @walt.farrellsorry, I thought it would be more appropriate to post this question in the fedback forum, because this question concerns not only the work of brushes, but also a review of how the import of brushes in affinity works (it does not work: none of the imported brushes works correctly)
  12. @walt.farrell I change brush spacing, luminosity, saturation and etc. From brush menu
  13. I change brush settings, close app. Then when I open app and chose brush all settings are reset. How can I save brush settings?
  14. That’s very sad. After a few months working in affinity now I think to switch back to photoshop. I was so happy that there is an alternative to a computer and a full version to a tablet. But at the moment it is impossible to work normally in affinity and this is sad. All imported brushes do not work correctly. Settings are not saved, the application constantly crashes. I really like what affinity does, but apparently it's time to admit to myself that the program is not intended for work yet. My productivity has dropped. It now takes twice as long to create a simple cover. And now I get nervous all the time when I work. But I still cling to the hope that the development team will fix all the bugs. It is a pity that they do not have time to respond to the community, at least briefly: they say we know about the problems and we are working. This is the worst thing when you do not understand whether the developers do not care about hectares of users or they are simply burning at work trying to eliminate all the shortcomings.
  15. And one more question: how can I fix this brush? All brushes for photoshop. And they work correctly in all aps except affinity. Maybe I have some wrong settings?
  16. Next problem with brushes: the brushes should follow the stylus. As shown in the first screenshot. In affinity, all the scales look in the same direction. How do I fix this?
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