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  1. I would also very much appreciate it if you could adjust the color in the course. I often need this option if I want to color a whole white or light gray sky. The course should then be from dark to light (from top to bottom) or diagonally from z. B. top left to bottom right. Regards Guzzi
  2. Hello Johnmau. For Windows, there are programs that can recover accidentally deleted files and Fotos in many cases. For example, PC Inspector-File Recovery or Recuva. Look, if there are synonymous for MAC. Do not you have a backup of your photos? Guzzi
  3. Hi Gabriel. No, that's not true but it would be nice if that were so. Or have I misunderstood something? Enclosed a Screeshot. The position is at the beginning and the log lines are high.
  4. Good evening. Now I have tried the panorama function once. The program can do a lot and I especially like the function Inpainting. But I also noticed a few things negative: 1) There is no protocol and I have found no function "undo". 2) Inpainting does not complete all jobs. (See attachment photo right margin). Or in the sky picture elements are duplicated, which should not be. (See upper edge and especially upper right corner. 3) The original pictures have 180 DPI, but the panorama only 96 DPI - This suffers from the picture quality. Do you think that's alright? Not me. Greetings Guzzi
  5. Is it possible to delete lines from the log? Although I have been working with simple applications for some time, I still try very hard that I do not use them. I take one or more steps back and the log keeps running. If I try a lot and put it back, there are many log lines that say nothing about the actual work. That is confusing. In the example below, I chose Brightness / Contrast and then reset it. However, the log says "set parameters for customization". It would have to be reset. In addition I have now with the command "brightness / contrast" two icons. If I edit another image and I want to use that command as well, I have to click on the thumbnail first so I can make the appropriate settings. That's one click too much.
  6. Do you have an approximate date for that? Guzzi
  7. Hello Polygonius and the others! Thank you for your comments. If I see that right, the developers here have probably shot something about the target. This is complicated to see through. In the photo editing I do everything. Clipping, possible corrections and adjusting the sharpness. That should be expected once - done. Greetings Guzzi
  8. Hi Callum. Thanks for your answer. My question, however, was why the possibility of recalculation comes twice and what happens if I have the image calculated twice. This is more important to me than the two different possibilities. And what happens if I do not recalculate the document size the first time? Whenever I make changes to a document, I will never "save it as" but always export it. Greeting Guzzi
  9. Hi Callum, here the desired screenshots. In addition, another type of recalculation is proposed during export. Why not the same? Guzzi
  10. Hi! When I change the document size there is al question about recalculation. Then I export the document and now there is this question again. Why twice and what happens. When changing the document size, I can take the hook for recalculation, but not with the Export. What is the right approach? Guzzi
  11. Hi All! Below C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 I currently find more than 60 MB of files called Autosave. What do these include? Will they be automatically deleted someday or you have to take care of it yourself. I take care of myself for the backup of my data and photos. Guzzi
  12. Hi Gnobelix! Now I've found a way to work with your macro. Although the switch to 300 DPI does not work in batch processing. But when I click on the macro individually for each photo, it does exactly what I wanted. This is a very good, simple and fast solution. Many Thanks. Is it possible to set a shortcut for it? Greetings Guzzi
  13. Hi Gnobelix, again me. Two days ago I installed your new macro and it worked. Today I wanted to use it again, but only the pixel sizes are changed, but not the DPI. What can be the reason? The PC was restarted in the morning. I also deleted and re-imported the macro - no change. Greetings Guzzi
  14. Thanks for the hint. I had actually overlooked that. Guzzi
  15. Hello, all programs that I know that have been made for writing or have a write function specify the font size in point. AP takes pixels. What is the reason for that? Is there a way to specify the font size in pt? Regards Guzzi