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  1. The actual designs are later used in a video game, those sprites end up to be converted to 32 bit atlas in any way so that was the reason I upped to color space from 8 to 16 bits. Accidently I have done a back and forth between those two color spaces so I dont know if that had an impact at the chosen colors for the shapes. Export will be in 16 bits.
  2. Do I have to be concerned about loosing information if I set the document color space to 8 bit design vector art in affinity designer and then switch the document setting up to 16 bit and later back to 8? Is this conversion lossless or do actual color values get changed on conversion? I have accidently done that a few times and did not keep the original data. Thanks in advance.
  3. I noticed that right click does not have any function yet. It would be nice to have a context menu on right click opening up a small quick access window to some shortcuts depending on the tool you have selected. For the paint brush tool it could be: last used brushes, maybe also a quick brush selection for favourite brushes/ or specific brush category sliders for: width, opacity, flow, hardness a small color selector
  4. Thanks for the linked threads. I would be fine with the argumentation that its handeled on OS level if the fonts would all be responding to the OS text scaling settings. But they arent. Menues and docker font sizes are not scaling relative to the OS scaling settings. Furthermore global increased os windows scaling does only properly support big jumps of 125%, 150% or 200% if you want to have different scalings on multiple different sized monitors. Where then everything ends up simply to big.
  5. Since only the main menu font is scaling with the windows font scaling a lot of menu fonts end up very small on high-dpi monitors. Suggestion: Add an UI Scaling slider to the user interface menu where we can adjust the UI scale to suit our monitor settings.
  6. Great that the rotation of canvas has been implemented. Two suggestions: I would wish for a possibility to use this feature with a digital drawing stylus. Like pressing a button and dragging left and right to rotate instead of scrolling. In most cases dragging will be more comfortable instead of scrolling the weeel. Especially if there is like a snap to origin orientation if you move to that orientation slowly. Maybe make those two behaviours (scrolling and dragging) available in the options to switch. A kind of compass indicator for the rotation would be nice, in case you are very zoomed in and want so see at which angle you are working at the moment.
  7. +1 for me its a must have feature. I would also hope for an option to have relative path links, so thats its possible to work on shared folders without needing to embed everything.
  8. I have accidentally installed vector brushes in Affinity Photo. Now they are invisible in the brush panel. I have no idea if there is a way to see the installed vector brushes to delete them again. Is there a ressource folder where I can delete them manually? Thanks in advance.
  9. As I use AP for drawing, this is a big +1 for me as well as an improved brush management.
  10. I have tried to deinstall all unused drivers of the wacom tablets I used so far. The issue is still persistent. A note for replicability. The issue is only persistent for brushes like the acrylic brushes which use the pressure control size feature, as far as I can tell. For the basic brushes the reconnecting does not lead to an issue and its possible to continously draw. Edit: I don't have other tablet drivers installed beside the current wacom drivers.
  11. Sorry for my late reply. I have switched my drawing tablet to a complete new intuos pro M. Unfortunately the issue was not related to the actual device and still persists with the new tablet. I have tried to connect the cable when the reconnection issue appears. The issue can not be replicated using a usb-cable. With an usb cable its just working fine. The Freehand Selection Tool is working fine after the reconnect but the brush/ eraser is not working/ drawing strokes.
  12. I have just found the exact behaviour I would want for the brush tool as well. For the Feehand Selection Tool you can draw straight lines, which also have a preview if you hold down the shift key. This would be great to have such a feature to draw staight lines, with the brush tool with as well having a kind of preview where the line will land. I would love a option to toggle between the normal point to point behaviour to the behaviour described here.
  13. Hey @Gabe, thanks for getting back to me. Yes I am running The Wacom desktop center version is 6.3.38-2, I had updated the tablet drivers just a few weeks ago, so they should be the latest.
  14. Each time I switch on my drawing tablet (Intuos Pro Paper L) when AP is already opened, brush strokes can't be drawn. It's working fine on other programs so it must be something specific to AP. Example: I am drawing in AP, turn the tablet of or let it go to standby on bluetooth mode, turn it on again, and then its not recognizing pen pressures at all.
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