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I have a long list to get through.


Star Trek Stun Gun

Dan Dares ray gun 

Starwars Blaster

Mars Attacks 

Predator shoulder gun


If anyone has any suggestions to add feel free, but they must be laser/ray guns of some kind


Now if clients would just leave me alone for the day I could get on with some real work ;)

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Star Trek also has the Varon-T disrupter, banned by the federation due to its violent nature! Only five were ever made....

Cool thanks does a picture exist? I illustrated a time line of DrWho sonic screwdrivers a while back and relied on "Google research"

I have never met such hostile response before, ever, due to some stupid colour issues... it was a bit weird :)

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I really have Affinity to thank, I have tried and tried to do this style in Illustrator for ages but creating masks for the lighting and then creating outlines to sit on every path took so much time It literally drained the pleasure in creating anything away. Then to amend things entailed a major operation of ripping all the outlines off and recreating each time, so I adopted an Illustrator style which I was never happy with and felt like a compromise.


I may not be the greatest artist in the world (and like most of us I'm always judging myself against better artists), but right now Im really happy that my vector style matches my freed hand sketch style, so thank you Affinity team :)


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Ok I have two more on my list and need a forth to balance a poster design with all ray guns....looking for a suggestion.

I have the Martian gun from Mars Attacks in build and Star Bucks gun from Battle Star Galactica (original 80s series none of the new junk).


Any suggestions from classic film or TV that I haven't covered would be fantastic.

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The Gun From Dirty Harry

Ripply's Gun from Aliens

Hell Boys Gun

James bond Gun

John Rambo's Gun

Predators Shoulder Canon

The Gun Form Predator VS Aliens

The gun from the TV series the visitors

Robo-Cop's Gun

Megatron from Transformers

Blains Gun from Predator

The Men in Black Gun

Ricks Grimes Gun

Darryl's crossbow Gun

District 9 (hell, You can do a series on just those guns alone)

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My son is adimant I inclued the laser cannon from Arnies Predator. My personal favorate is the riffle from District 9.


But I'm sticking to ray and laser guns, so it rules out any bullet based riffles, this regrettably includes Judge Dredds law giver ( I wanted to bend the rules with that one so bad).

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Oooh my bad...I thought you were talking about famous guns in general.


So Ray guns....


district 9

lost planet -Dr Mobius Gun



Sky Captain


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How about some of the Star Wars ray guns? There are tons of ray guns in there, not including the Death Star, the mother of all ray guns...

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Purely for quirk value I'm going to suggest a couple of oddball british classics:


The hand phaser from Space 1999 (looks like a stapler)



...and the Liberator guns from Blake's 7:



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