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  1. It's been asked I know - But never having used LUTs I need a step by step explanation of how to get these into AP? I know where the Adjustment LUTs tab is, but when double clicking and trying to load the LUTs from the menu I can't even see the files, so what am I missing? any help welcome? OK! I found out how to load them as presets, but loading them one at a time is tedious, is there a batch load somewhere, or is single file naming all there is?
  2. I purchased the Windows version and the Mac version of publisher as early access, downloaded the Windows version, but cannot find publisher anywhere on the Mac store? So how do I download it please?
  3. One ID on the iMac, and NO! I have not changed the e-mail address, just my password ( As mentioned in 3 of my earlier posts).
  4. No! I don't see the Apps on the purchase page on the iMac or the MacBook Pro, All I see is "You have not yet made any purchases". MEB, I will contact Apple as soon as I can find the contact details?
  5. You have all been brilliant and I appreciate your help! But the original problem was that I could not sign into my MacBook Pro, so I changed the password to enable me to sign in, and that is where the problems started! So I looked up my old e-mail and password and tried to log into the iMac using that ... But no luck, I can log out and in again thanks to your help, but the iMac will not recognise my old login details? I was wondering if I could make a new account with my old details, and still keep the one I am using now? If I read "firstdefence" correctly I can do that?
  6. Login into the Mac is not the problem, it is login into the App store when the Mac is running! Do you know if disabling the startup login also disables the App store login (which is what I need?). I suppose I can try it and find out, but if you know the answer it would be easier (cause I'm lazy).
  7. The problem with that is every time you log out of the App store, and then re-open it, you are automatically logged back into the App store, so I neverr get the chance to change the log in details? If you know a way around this please enlighten me?
  8. Good to know stokerg, but I don't want to purchase, I want to download "paid for" versions! Anyway, I changed my password for the App store on my iMac, then was able to use this new password on my MacBook Pro to access the App store ..... But Was unable to access my App purchases and was told I have not made any purchases yet! So I went back to my iMac and found that I had lost my purchases on the iMac as well. So I am now locked out of my purchase page on the App Store, and cannot download Designer or Photo which I have paid for!
  9. I will change my password on my iMac account, as it seems the password is not accepted on the MacBook. If that solves the problem I will let you know? Why can't we have a simple download of our owned Mac programs, the Affinity store could support a Mac section and it would make life easier?
  10. I wish it was that simple Alfred, but it seems that each Apple device (at least the ones I have) are set to accept the store login details you signed up with?
  11. Apart from my Windows PC's which run Affinity Photo and Designer full versions!!, I also own an iMac 20" which runs Affinity Photo and Designer full versions, an iPad Air which runs the Affinity Photo and Designer full versions. My problem is that I also own a MacBook Pro with 16 gig of ram a 256 gig ssd running Mojave ..... The above iMac uses the Apple store to supply my paid for Affinity products, but my MacBook Pro has a different e-mail and password for the Apple store, so I cannot download Affinity products to the MacBook? Is there a way around this problem please? This is why I prefer Windows Affinity store, because I can download the physical Affinity programs for Windows from there!
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