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  1. Willabong

    Designer already out there..

    You can buy AD and AP from either Serif directly, or from the Microsoft store. Even though they have different version numbers depending where you buy it, they are both identical in features!
  2. Willabong

    What needs to be done before upgrading Windows 7

    My experience of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 was painless, but soon after the upgrade I started to have niggling little problems with stability, so I then performed a clean install on all 3 of my machines, and I have never regretted doing that! But you do need to backup/save anything you want to keep, this is just good sensible practice! Now that I am fairly proficient with Windows 10, I can honestly say I would never go back to Windows 7 or any other version of Windows.
  3. Filter Forge 5 doesn't work, but AP does recognise the (unknown) plug? The program generates an error message when you try to use it?
  4. Willabong

    AP excellent for focus stacking!

    And wait, and wait, and wait! :lol:
  5. Uninstall and re-install the latest version of NET Framework from Microsoft!
  6. See this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42354-error-code-0x80131534-after-affinity-photo-installation/
  7. Willabong

    aero not activated; no startup;

    Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, there will not be another version! Windows 10 was created in such a way as to be infinitely upgradeable, so Microsoft intend this version to be the last, and it will be upgraded indefinitely in a similar way to the MAc OS. ..... So don't hold your breath for Windows version 11 or 12 etc.
  8. Willabong

    Beta ..

    I don't know of a single program, photo/design/office/music or any other that when released and even years after release had no problems with some of it's features still having bugs. Affinity is no different, except that Serif are actively (if sometimes slowly) correcting the problems. I have every sympathy with those of us who still have problems with the software, but they really need a reality check, just go to the main Adobe forum/s or Magix music forum, even Microsoft Office forum and you will find plenty of people who are unhappy about this or that feature not working properly. All of these developers release patches occasionally for their non BETA software, but sometimes you wait years before a bug is removed. Patience is needed by ALL of us!
  9. Looks like I will have to create my own! Thanks anyway! :)
  10. The physical workbook for designer is a great read and a useful resource, but it is not really practical for use when using Designer because of it's bulky nature. A much more practical solution would be a protected PDF file or an online workbook that can be accessed via a password and e-mail exclusive to people who have bought the book. This idea would mean registered owners could log in (on site) or enter a password to access the PDF? Surely a way can be found to enable one of these features or another similar one? This would be a positive selling point for any new user and a must have for dual monitor users! You have already stated elsewhere on the Forum that the Designer Workbook was produced in PagePlus, so you must already have a PDF version available, so what is the problem?
  11. Willabong

    New graphic tablet works fine with AP!

    I did a similar thing, I bought a Huion tablet (made in China), it has a 9.5x5.5 inch screen, and it works like a dream with all my graphics/photo software, and at around £50 is a real bargain!
  12. Willabong

    Crash using Onedrive and Batch Process

    I know that DropBox can cause sync problems with files imported from there to AP and AD, so this could be a sync problem? Try importing the files from your desktop (download them to a folder) this should work!
  13. Willabong

    Affinity interface legibility

    So do I ... But I do see the need for a lighter version?
  14. Terry44: For me AD starts 8 seconds before I click on the program icon, for me that is a very slow program, so I asked the doctor about it and he said, " it's a timey Wimey thing!", so I stopped worrying about it 2 weeks before the problem arose! For those of you with really long start up times, check your virus scanner to see if it is scanning the program before it loads, if it is exclude it from the scanning process!
  15. Willabong

    opened document with issues

    Your welcome!