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    FREE Custom Smoke Brush

    Here is the custom smoke brush I promised in my Custom Smoke Brush Video. Free to use as you like. If you create one of your own I would like for you to post it to this thread and share with the rest of the community. Let fill the room with smoke ;) Don't know how to make your own? Well watch my free Video Tutorial Thanks cheers and use responsibly :P Smoke brush 3 demo.afbrushes.zip
  2. I am excited to share with you the official announcement of my new Affinity Designer course on Lynda.com. Many of you have been asking for this for some time now since you already have subscriptions with Lynda.com. and this is the first of many to come are now available. The content found here is new and reflect the updates found in the Affinity Designer 1.4 Update. Thank you all so much for your support. I hope you enjoy the content as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COURSE Course Description: Looking for a compelling alternative to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW? Affinity Designer is a powerful and affordable vector-design application mixed with pixel-based texture and retouching tools—all in one easy-to-use interface. It was created with the professional-level features that any artist, designer, or illustrator needs to execute high-quality results. Here Ronnie McBride introduces new students to the workflows and tools required to get them up to speed with this fast, powerful, and professional application. He shows how to work with Affinity Designer's workspaces, called personas; use the drawing tools; and create custom brushes. After completing this course, students will feel more confident and proficient at using Affinity Designer in their own work. Topics Include: Creating a new document Setting up margins, guides, and grids Drawing vector lines and shapes Using the Pen tool Creating and editing text Scaling and rotating objects Selecting areas and color ranges Using layer masks Adding layer effects and adjustment layers Creating new brushes Exporting your work Duration: 2h 37m
  3. ronniemcbride

    Arrow Brush

    I have seen this topic come up pretty often and thought maybe I should post this resource here. I know some people need to have native vector arrow shapes in their work so I created a brush for that you can use until arrows are implemented fully in the the application. Just import them into your brush pallet. cheers :) Ronnies Arrow Brush set.afbrushes.zip
  4. ronniemcbride

    What tablet do I use

    I received a couple of emails asking about what tablet I use since I don't use a Wacom. Wacoms are nice and I even own a Wacom worth about 800 bucks that you can draw directly on the screen (the 2 model below the centiq) but I want to sell it because my new computer connection does not have DVI port. Anyway I use 80 dollar nock off from a company in china that to be honest I think it works just as well as an intuous. for a fraction of the cost. you can check out here.
  5. NEW! AFFINITY DESIGNER VIDEO COURSE Finally, I can share my big news with all of you! For the past month I have worked on creating an online course. Affinity designer (AD) is one of the most unusual and truly accessible applications around. There are so many uses for it and though it is a super easy to learn I am still finding that some people are not fully sure how to use it. I think userCartoonMike saw this and he put together a great tutorial called the pumpkin tutorial that helped a lot of people. If you knew what kind of time it takes to put together a tutorial you understand what he did really stems from passion love he has for the community and Affinity Designer! I hope he does more because his tutorial is rather good and a work of art in its own right. If you have not seen that tutorial then definitely go download the PDF and give it a go! I was inspired by the idea teaching and felt I too have some talent, skills, and experience to share. I too want to help other creative and artist like myself, reach their full potential. I started with the my Mixmediasalad Youtube Channel 5 weeks ago and I did it in tandem of creating my full online class. I was curious to know if I was doing the right thing and if there was an interest. I was not sure anyone would tolerate the sound of my voice or just found the information useful at all. Well I can put those worries behind me because the response has amazed, excited, and inspired me. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you all so much for your critiques, compliments and support! I like to show you all some love with 74% off Christmas launch discount. I know is sounds crazy but I really want as many people as possible to benefit from the class. I also want this class to be the best you have taken and I really want to hear your opinion on what you like to see in more advance course. This is not just a download watch type of training you also get me as your instructor that means you can ask questions, get reviews & critiques, and help from someone with professional experience as well as someone who cares. I am sure by the end of my course you will have mastered the essential principles and features of Affinity Designer. When you complete this course, you will walk away with at least 1 portfolio pieces, and some free goodies, and few techniques under your belt.
  6. hahahahaha! I love this! This is fun!
  7. ronniemcbride

    1965 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale (AD)

    This is Jaw dropping awesome work! Ther not an emoticon made to express the feeling I getting from this piece!
  8. ronniemcbride


    You should take this and make it into a repeating pattern. Nice work!
  9. ronniemcbride

    Quick and dirty path offset

    I would like to add that this used a lot with stickers and CNC work. Anytime you want a machine to cut around a shape edge you want to use a path offset for this.
  10. ronniemcbride

    Exporting to different folders

    This works on the mac without issue, but windows does not like the /slash and remove it. has anyone else run into this on a PC? HAs anyone found a work around for this?
  11. ronniemcbride

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots]

    Wow the amount of work done here...I feel like iI should be paying for this. where is your donate button?!
  12. Holy Hell this is outstanding work! Insert jaw dropping emoticon lol!
  13. ronniemcbride

    Captain Noise character

    Holy Shazzam! A+ stuff right here! I love it!
  14. ronniemcbride

    Two variations of Logo usage

    I think the Fire in the Sky sub text font pairing looks better with the logo than the chocolate drop font. Something about the second one fights against itself. Number 1 gets my vote.
  15. ronniemcbride

    Vector Pumpkin

    Ummm, dope work! Love the colors and the shading!
  16. ronniemcbride

    Water Lilies

    I like your first one and the last one of the series! Very cool composite!
  17. ronniemcbride

    Arctic China

    I like you mixed style. The only input I have is I feel like the dragon could benefit from a bit more color. when I think of China I think of Red and Gold. When I think of Dragons I think of color. Maybe the addition of clouds would help integrated the dragon more into the scene. Also, I not sure where the light source is coming from with the varied highlights and shadows in the scene. Also, may the sky could benefit from a bit of gradient. I mean I think your image looks good but these are just a few things I would play with to bring a bit more dimension to the art. here some color reference that feels more China like NIce work though!
  18. ronniemcbride

    Digital art where to start?

    Hello Gasman, That a tough question that really depends on your interest. First off I think you should explore as many mediums of expression to really see what you like the best. I would suggest you take a 30-day course or pick up a 30-day drawing book. Learn the basics of drawing. Like drawing with lines and shape then learn about light, shadows as it applies to shading. Learn about drawing what you see and practice doing still life drawings. These are all things you should be familiar with before jumping into a digital program. Times have change and digital technology has come along way, but nothing will replace learning the basic concepts and applying them with a little hand and eye coordination. Here are a few books I would recommend to start. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain You Can Draw in 30 Days Picture this: How Pictures Work Then when you are done with that then take An Affinity Course or Dive deep into the numerous free content found here. Hope that helps if you have any other questions feel free to ask. Ther are no stupid questions only the ones that are never asked Cheers! Ronnie
  19. Hello, Everyone! I am so glad to be back and to see this community grow as big with so much talent as it has in such a short time! I just wanted to inform everyone that this course has recently been updated to reflect the current 1.5.5 version of Affinity Designer. If you have taken my previous course then you find new content covering features that were not available in version 1.4. I am currently in the middle of updating my Affinity UX Tools course, so stay tuned for that. if you are new to my Affinity and are looking for a course that easy and approachable then look no further. Also, in my signature you find a link to receive a 30-day free trial to Lynda.com entire library which is plenty of time to watch my course and a few others. You can cancel at any time within the 30-Day! Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask me I am more than happy to be of help. Oh and one more thing this course gives love to Mac and Windows user alike.
  20. ronniemcbride

    [APu] Text wrapping

    Ahhh, ok yup I misunderstood. The Work around provided is a good solution.
  21. ronniemcbride

    [APu] Text wrapping

    Wait are you using the text tool or the text Frame tool. The text auto wraps with the text frame tool automatically unless I am misunderstanding what you mean.
  22. I only seem to be able to pull a guide while I am using the move tool. Shouldn't you be able to do that no matter what tool you are using?
  23. ronniemcbride

    Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC

    One word: Outstanding! Cheers!
  24. ronniemcbride

    Text is rasterized when exported to PSD

    Any change or movement on the text exporting topic. It the big hurdle to get my new client to adopt Affinity Designer. Editable text is on export is just one of those things that perceived as a blaring red flag for my client. If you nail this I can sell the rest easy!
  25. ronniemcbride

    FREE Custom Smoke Brush

    You are welcome!

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