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How bad can you make the PDF import? Haven't seen anyhting worse recently

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Worst PDF import functionality I have seen for some time!!! What are you doing wrong here? I cannot even say that it shouldn't recognise text. So text is always being recognised which leads to completely useless PDF imports. Objects wrongly placed, letters have an enormous spacing which f's up the entire document structure/layout. You cannot tell me this works for you!!!

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Some screenshots might prove helpful, and if possible, some sample PDF for the Team to take a look.

Best regards!

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If you don't have the fonts installed you'll have to rasterize or convert to curves the text first before importing, or change fonts once opened in AP.

If you don't want to change all the fonts, but need some to be converted as curves, you can use Inkscape to do this (importing with Poppler/Cairo option), saving the file as a new PDF.
The color profile won't match, but if you copy-paste the curves you need from the Inkscape's PDF opened in AP, to the one opened in AP, you'll be able to change their colors.

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A scared competitor's post would certainly look like this one.... he doesn't deserve to get an answer. Let his post get lost.

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OMG yes the wording is too strong and I apologize for it deeply!! But I find the comment "a scared competitor's post would certainly look like this one" very strange^^ I'm certainly no competitor, why would it sound like that? :'D Your post AlainP is not far from mine. If you wanna cause dispute, that's certainly the way to go, just saying! Everyone was clearly more helpful!

But still, rasterize fonts before import? What if the PDF isn't coming from me? What if I don't have the fonts? The rasterization should be done by photo, not by some other magic^^ That's why it's called "PDF Import"... The import should take care of such things if you ask me. The PDF displays the font correctly, so the font or it's "rasterization" should be available to use.

And the most common thing in a PDF is just text, and if an import causes that much mistakes regarding the layout of the whole page, then I certainly would work on it a bit more before releasing an import function that is "useless" so to say.

Thanks a lot for the InkScape tip. Will try that next time!! Didn't know Inkscape supports that kind of thing (PDF) :)

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oliix: Some years ago, Mazda released their first MX-5.
It lacked a clock in the dashboard.
A storm of outrage took off.
Just imagine: A car without a clock. Unbelievable.

So Mazda introduced a dashboard clock with their next model.
It looks like - see attachment.

Not pretty. No whistles and bells. No timers, no alarms, no fuel consumption gauge, no fancy animations, no stylish chrome bezel.
Just a clock.

Mazda could have done better, sure.
But that MX-5 is a great car for driving. Which is it's primary purpose. Not displaying the time of day, which I regard as a pure add-on.
Mazda gave me a nice, powerful and reliable car (one repair in 20 years, had to change the ignition wires) at a sound price, making me happy every time I enjoy the sun and the power of the wind when I go topless.

So I am happy with it, even if the clock could be better.

Got the idea?


Edited by Jörn Reppenhagen

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On 3/6/2019 at 11:09 AM, oliiix said:

The PDF displays the font correctly

The PDF file is just a document. It doesn’t display anything: your PDF viewer does that, but in order to do so it needs to interpret the font information embedded in the file, which is something that the Affinity apps don’t currently do.

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