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  1. OMG AMD :'D the graphics troubled processor.... Especially in 3D and games but I also seen normal windows interfaces one would call unwated abstract art... The lag problem btw I do have as well with a completely new and powerful computer (1080ti, i7 3.7 GHz unlocked (can reach over 4.5GHz) with 6 cores, 16GB RAM will soon be updated to 32 etc...). I have 2 x 2k monitors. Still lagging is there as soon as the image size is probably above 2048 x 2048. And the lagging can be huge. No problem for me and my work (if I get that high with the image resolution, it's most probably about creating textures for game 3D models), i can wait until photo draws what I just drew and if you go slowly then it nearly catches up.
  2. Thank you very much for coming back to me that quickly!! In the first image you can also see in the background the white picture and the yellow color in the color panel and layer panel. I'm absolutely no expert, I just know that I never had trouble with it (even if I didn't calibrate my monitor) and since yesterday everythings a little yellow May also be caused by the windows update from yesterday, not sure what may have caused it. Are my settings wrong?
  3. I wanted to open another topic for this. One already exists since nearly two years now and hasn't been dealt with. It's about having yellow color where there should be white and all other colors are wrong as well of course. The previous post is here: Even if I switch my ICC profile (assign) to the one I've set in windows itself, the color of the image is correct afterwards, but the color picker and all other effects and filters using color (e.g. color overlay, shadows, glows, gradients, etc) are still showing wrong colors. Since July 25 this is known and still exists. Please deal with it. Strangely this behaviour started today. Before I never had any problems but since today any other ICC profile I use leads to white being yellow and all other colors are wrong as well. Please could you prioritise this?
  4. STILL: what I just noticed: the color picker, and all the effects like color overlay, shadow etc are all not white but yellow, so there's still a bug in the system! Since two years as it seems
  5. Switch the color profile to the one you use with your monitor on new documents or choose Document > Assign ICC Profile and choose the one you use for windows (sorry i'm luckily no mac user)! This helped me. Every other profile looked yellow since today. Still: When opening an existing image that is in another color profile it gets yellow exactly like the screenshots from people above. So far this NEVER happened. Maybe it's the windows update from yesterday, but seriously I had never such huge problems with photo or even photoshop. At least I know now to assign the windows color profile and this switches even opened images to the correct color display.
  6. OMG yes the wording is too strong and I apologize for it deeply!! But I find the comment "a scared competitor's post would certainly look like this one" very strange^^ I'm certainly no competitor, why would it sound like that? :'D Your post AlainP is not far from mine. If you wanna cause dispute, that's certainly the way to go, just saying! Everyone was clearly more helpful! But still, rasterize fonts before import? What if the PDF isn't coming from me? What if I don't have the fonts? The rasterization should be done by photo, not by some other magic^^ That's why it's called "PDF Import"... The import should take care of such things if you ask me. The PDF displays the font correctly, so the font or it's "rasterization" should be available to use. And the most common thing in a PDF is just text, and if an import causes that much mistakes regarding the layout of the whole page, then I certainly would work on it a bit more before releasing an import function that is "useless" so to say. Thanks a lot for the InkScape tip. Will try that next time!! Didn't know Inkscape supports that kind of thing (PDF)
  7. I just found out, that if you use the flood selection and then select e.g. lasso selection tool, you can use the "refine" button to adjust the selection, but anti aliasing still doesn't work Please please add this, I'm using it nearly everyday for cutting out stuff with the flood selection tool and not having anti alias there is really a big disadvantage. I mean I'd pay for it to be implemented =)
  8. btw: you could also add some kind of adjustment possibility for the selection (like feather, smoothing, radius, etc of the selection area)
  9. haha ty so much for the move tool tip this never worked for me and I always wondered why and used the guides manager which is a little annoying for simple guides^^
  10. Worst PDF import functionality I have seen for some time!!! What are you doing wrong here? I cannot even say that it shouldn't recognise text. So text is always being recognised which leads to completely useless PDF imports. Objects wrongly placed, letters have an enormous spacing which f's up the entire document structure/layout. You cannot tell me this works for you!!!
  11. I just saw what you meant by image object. Why ever there's an image object instead of rasterized data is unclear and useless? Or does that make sense in any way? Maybe it wasn't a bug, just bad software behavior I mean, who would need an image object in there??? What is an image object anyway? We're no programmers, we're designers
  12. I've been using photoshop for years and I'm not a newcomer or anything. I'm quite an advanced user and the copy process is damaged or wrongly implemented! I just ran into it again. I paste a screenshot into a new document. I crop it, save it as jpg or png image. i close everything. open the cropped image, mark everything, copy (there's only one layer) and when i paste it to a new document, the old screenshot I took is being pasted instead of the newly copied content of the image file I saved. It can't be clearer that there's a bug with affinity handling the clipboard and it happens all the time! I mean as soon as I hit Ctrl+C the old content must be overridden with new content. There's so clearly something wrong. At least it should paste nothing, but surely not old content that I copied into the clipboard ages ago. I need to be able to copy/cut and paste from one document to another all the time... Sometimes it works, sometimes it just fails all the time. I just restarted Aff. Photo, opened the files I was working with and tried copy pasting between the docs again. Now it's working and I'm not doing anything differently. Don't know why I'm the only one experiencing this as it seems the case.. As said, it's happening on two separate machines in the same way.
  13. Just another occasion right now, where I mark (rectangle marquee tool) part of my picture as I want to copy paste it into an email message, but it just doesn't copy it when pressing Ctrl+C or Edit > Copy. Whole process: - I took a screenshot of a browser window - in Affinity Photo I choose File > New From Clipboard - I crop the image and select all - I press Ctrl+C (the results are the same, if I copy via Ctrl+C or via the Edit menu) to copy the selected image (there's only one layer and it's selected and not locked) - I switch to my email program and press Ctrl+V. But instead of the cropped image it pastes the full image. Also when choosing File>New from Clipboard in Aff.Photo it inserts not the picture I copied from Photo, it inserts again the image I "screen-shotted". Meaning, copying an image or part of it, just doesn't work sometimes. I can't tell you more about it as it happens sporadically. It happened on two different workstations already (both Windows 10).