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  1. Yes you still don't have to pay every month and every version belongs to you! Don't see the logic in what you say! And paying for new major version is kinda normal... Do you think you pay once and then they work their asses of for you until eternity? When do you start working for free for everyone else? I mean this question isn't even a joke, as everyone should be working for free, but that's a completely different topic now.
  2. I've actually learned gimp because affinity photo is to short in so many corners, especially when working on 3D content... Sorry not even anti-aliasing for all possible selection modes, not enough filters and generators, gimp rocks there and is so far ahead of affinity photo, that your question is a joke and just tells me you've probably never even used gimp. Gimp offers so much more than affinity photo, the only but very big contra to gimp is it's a pain to use. It also lacks some parts of AP/Photoshop, layer handling isn't great etc, but it does the job as long as the real tools as "creator" you need are at least available. But all in all I think it offers A LOT more than affinity photo, depends on what you use it for, clearly. They are talking about serif bringing quite some 3D texturing tools in upcoming versions which leads me to believe more noise generators (hopefully, no idea why this isn't included already since version 1.0! I mean noise functions are kinda freely available, well known, and that they are missing in AP is simply annoying). Then come color, distortion and all other kind of filters that are missing yet. But that at least gave me some hope for AP... Let's see when they stop bug fixing and start implementing actually new useful features for creators and not only for photo editors^^ I will certainly try Version 2 but if this still lacks all of that "creator" content/features/filters including the anti-aliasing everywhere where it's supposed to be, I'm surely not gonna buy any more affinity products... And where's the webp support?
  3. No it doesn't depend on if fixes are important to you or not, there's valid reasoning behind such terms as "major update" and software versioning actually follows the same strategies/guidelines/rules everywhere except you're dealing with developers who have no clue and should use their caffeine intake probably in a different area Developers can get finicky about this as it's quite important to have a proper versioning system in place.
  4. So for version 1.7.3 there was a problem with the brushes, many of my brush-sets just can't be imported. This problem has been reported a few days after release. Now this was in release 1.7.3 and there was no fix so far. Why's that (that's a major bug which should be fixed as immediate as possible, no?)? I expect that when u release a version with a major bug that you release a patch some days later that fixes that and not wait half a year until your next "sub-version" is being released. Smaller bugs will be no problem if people have to wait longer until next sub-release but major bugs like brush-import not working really should be fixed earlier than 1.7.4! like with a version 1.7.3b or something. "Secondly": I'm still every day seeing the "there's an update available" popup message because I'm using 1.7.2 and it's F**** annoying! every day I'm looking if there might be an update... annoying... so this will also be another request to be able to skip versions when seeing this update-popup message. At least then, the next time it would show I'd actually know version 1.7.4 has been released. Or at least state the version number in the update-popup message, this way I don't have to press it every day
  5. as long as the selection tools are kinda useless (imho) as long as there's no anti aliasing for anything but lasso, all the possibilities including selection tools do not rly produce good results... hoped there was something like erase white paper just for colors one can pick... I mean black especially would be great to have.. I'm using it a lot in conjunction with 3D software and there I have more images with black being transparent, not white
  6. Wow I didn't see that. Thanks a lot!! Edit: Would be great if I could mark this thread as solved Maybe I'm too blind for that aswell^^
  7. Yes Dominik I only looked at it from my perspective This really could lead to more confusion/supp requests, never knew,but you could name the link to previous versions "Previous versions" =) Yes I normally have some older setup files but had removed them stupidly at the wrong moment =) I bought them directly from affinitys website. Sorry for this late reply And what I thought is going to happen which is my fault as well, I forgot the brush-bugged version number. Was it 1.7.2 or is it the currently available 1.7.3?^^ Ye I just wait for 1.7.4 or later
  8. Dear Affinity I'd really like to have the option to download previous versions of any of your software. Right now all I can do is download the current version of your software, but as the current version of e.g. Photo has a bug on importing brushes, it's completely useless to me and I'd like to be able to download previous versions for this. Or test the software better, but I know that's hard It would also make sense to add a "don't show until next version"-checkbox to the dialog box that informs me about a new update. This way I at least would be notified if the buggy version has a new version available. I'm not that good in remembering version numbers. Thanks a lot! All the best, Oli
  9. Hellouu I just wanted to inform about a bug which can lead to loss of work. Maybe that's fixed in the new version but I'm running the second latest because I cannot import my brushes in the new version which is already a known bug. The problem: I had a file open (I think I opened it from temp folder or probably directly from the web somehow as normally the file gets locked while open in Photo) and that file was probably deleted again while I was working on it. Then I clicked the close button (pressing "x"-button on the sheet) and the "do you wanna save"-dialog box appeared. I pressed "Yes" but it couldn't be saved due to an error I can't remember, but I think as said that the file got deleted. Still the document just closed and I lost all the work. All the best, Oli
  10. yes brushes are gone and when re-importing: 1 out of 10 brushes worked, the one I don't need right now -.-
  11. OMG AMD :'D the graphics troubled processor.... Especially in 3D and games but I also seen normal windows interfaces one would call unwated abstract art... The lag problem btw I do have as well with a completely new and powerful computer (1080ti, i7 3.7 GHz unlocked (can reach over 4.5GHz) with 6 cores, 16GB RAM will soon be updated to 32 etc...). I have 2 x 2k monitors. Still lagging is there as soon as the image size is probably above 2048 x 2048. And the lagging can be huge. No problem for me and my work (if I get that high with the image resolution, it's most probably about creating textures for game 3D models), i can wait until photo draws what I just drew and if you go slowly then it nearly catches up.
  12. Thank you very much for coming back to me that quickly!! In the first image you can also see in the background the white picture and the yellow color in the color panel and layer panel. I'm absolutely no expert, I just know that I never had trouble with it (even if I didn't calibrate my monitor) and since yesterday everythings a little yellow May also be caused by the windows update from yesterday, not sure what may have caused it. Are my settings wrong?
  13. I wanted to open another topic for this. One already exists since nearly two years now and hasn't been dealt with. It's about having yellow color where there should be white and all other colors are wrong as well of course. The previous post is here: Even if I switch my ICC profile (assign) to the one I've set in windows itself, the color of the image is correct afterwards, but the color picker and all other effects and filters using color (e.g. color overlay, shadows, glows, gradients, etc) are still showing wrong colors. Since July 25 this is known and still exists. Please deal with it. Strangely this behaviour started today. Before I never had any problems but since today any other ICC profile I use leads to white being yellow and all other colors are wrong as well. Please could you prioritise this?
  14. STILL: what I just noticed: the color picker, and all the effects like color overlay, shadow etc are all not white but yellow, so there's still a bug in the system! Since two years as it seems
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