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Any chance there will be a Caption feature in Publisher? Preferably one that works better than InDesign does!

Essentially, you'd set up a paragraph style for photo captions, then right click an image and tell it to insert the caption (either static or live).

Even more awesome would be if there was a better way to automatically say how it should line up (with the bottom edge of the caption level with the bottom edge of the photo, etc.) and to expand (up/down or sideways) to allow for the amount of text in the caption.

Attaching IDs current settings for this feature, though only for clarification on what I'm talking about. :-)

Screenshot 2018-08-31 10.18.07.png

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Excuse if this is not the right place in the forum to add this suggestion. I could not find anything just like it.

For a long time now, I've had a need to create a book. It would be a bit like a photo album but with text and photo captions. Now the key here is that all of the photos I have (in Lightroom) already have plenty of metadata, including "Caption" (also named "description") and keywords, etc.  Caption display area has to be auto expandable to several sentences and could, conceivably exceed the width (or height) of the actual photo. The caption area should ideally be capable of manual sizing, orientation, and placement. A workaround might be to display/copy any available metadata easily (right-click - "show metadata") and then paste it into a separate text box. Not familiar with InDesign, but the metadata should include, perhaps, the IPTC and EXIF at a minimum so the user can choose which one (multiple?) to choose.


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