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  1. Hello, I am testing the workflow: DxO PureRAW and AP. Since the lens correction is already done in PureRAW, I have created another preset ("Without_Correction") in the Develop Persona. This preset is displayed as selected. But you have to click on the preset again and again to use it, because it seems that the preset "Standard" is always active, which you can also see in the settings that belong to "Standard" and not to the new preset. Only after clicking on the "Without_Correction" template its settings (all deselected) are used. regards, Uwe
  2. Hello, a photo book (474 TIF and some text) is ready. A few typos in the checklist, otherwise everything is ok. After the photobook was "packed" and saved on internal SSD, all photos are changed in status in addition to the known typos. Probably because the file date was changed by copying through the packing process. I started the resource manager, marked all photos and selected "Update". Then at first nothing happened for a long time, until suddenly many windows appeared with the info that many photos are embedded instead of linked, which is wrong. The buttons "Yes" and "No" could not
  3. Hello, the existing metadata of the sidecar XMP file are not exported to the TIFF file. It works with the official but not with this beta. Metadata xmp read in the settings is "on" Regards, Uwe
  4. It's really strange. The same CR2 I sent to you yesterday doesn't make any problems now when I export it to TIFF. Another CR2 has the problem. I use the same workflow for both files. I've uploaded a recorded video and a new CR2 to the dropbox link above. Maybe there is a problem with the metadata in the CR2 created by the camera? The ExifTool (12.22) doesn't show any errors in the structure of the metadata of the CR2 file. regards, Uwe
  5. Hi, may I ask you for a upload link please? regards, Uwe
  6. Hello, just a question: why does a TIF have a XMP sidecar? Which program creates a sidecar for TIF files? From my point of view a sidecar is for RAW files to keep the original unchanged. regards, Uwe
  7. Hello, the original CR2 file has the Exif tags: Sub Sec Time 99 Sub Sec Time Original 99 Sub Sec Time Digitized 99 None of the tags are in the exported TIFF file. I use it to create file names like: YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS-ms.ext in Daminion (ms = Sub Sec Time Original). Regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, I have imported an IDML document. Unfortunately, the creation date always remains empty. Only when a document is created in AP is it filled. The same behaviour also in the current beta version. Many greetings, Uwe
  9. done. I guess you mean the crash folder of the beta build. But as far as I can see even if I just reproduced the crash - no new logs are created. And yes I work with the same files I sent to you and get the crash. If possible for you we can make a Teamviewer seesion.
  10. done, I used the dropbox link above for the ZIP file. I have deleted photos with people on them
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