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  1. Hello, handling the XMP sidecar file created by any other program (Adobe Bridge, Daminion...) is a must have for me because the metadata of the RAW file are in the sidecar XMP and not in the original RAW. I don't mean development settings written e.g. by ACR. What happens now using: File->New Batch Job...-> All XMP metadata tags of the XMP sidecar file, e.g. <dc:description>, <dc:title>, <dc:subject>, <photoshop:Country>, <Iptc4xmpCore:Location>, <tiff:Make>, <lr:hierarchicalSubject>, are not in the exported JPG file. Thanks and Happy New Year, Uwe
  2. Hello, thank you. It works in build 526. Regards, Uwe
  3. Hello, here are two files: the original "TIF_Collection_TAG" and the result after exporting to TIF: "TIF_without_Collection_Tag". Regards, Uwe TIF_without_Collection_Tag.tiff TIF_Collection_Tag.tif
  4. Hi, very sad - XML is a must have for me. I'm using Daminion to organize all files and leave the original photo RAW files untouched as much as possible. All the metadata are in the sidecar XML file and not in the IPTC. Daminion can write IPTC/EXIF and XML but I prefer for RAW files XML sidecar. Regards, Uwe
  5. Hello, there is a DNG file converted from CR2 RAW by Adobe DNG Converter. The Camera is a Canon Powershot G10. The camera/lens is not detected by AffPhoto beta but Adobe does it. I've copied as descriebed by James the file "compact-canon.xml". Regards, Uwe
  6. Hello, please compare how PS CS6 and AffPhoto beta is handling the orientation tag of a TIF file. Regards, Uwe
  7. Hello, I've converted the dynamic/live caption to static caption in Indesign CS6, then saved as IDML and opened in the Publisher beta - ok static cations are there. It would be great if the Publisher can handle the dynamic/live captions of Indesign. To convert all existing captions step by step is to much effort. regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, the source file is TIF the exported output file is TIFF. The metadata tag "Collection name" of the source file is not in the exported TIFF file. All other tags are there in the output file. Regards, Uwe
  9. Sorry, here is an similar IDML file with the same problem: no captions - empty text box below the photos. regards, Uwe 2013_Australien.idml
  10. Hi, I've uploaded a similar IDML file here: It's the same with the captions in this photobook. Regards, Uwe
  11. Hello, there is someting wrong with the Margins Inner and Top. Please watch the recorded video. E.g. Enter Inner Margin: 5 Top Margin: 15: Press OK button: Result: Inner Margin: 15 Top Margin: 5 Regards, Uwe Affinity_Publisher_1.8.0.502_margins.wmv
  12. Hello, there is a photobook with 60 pages. Depending on the size of the pages in the work panel one can't scroll down to the last page in the work panel. Please check both screenshots. regards, Uwe

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