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  1. Hi, is it this problem? Regards, Uwe
  2. it works with the build 850. Thank you
  3. done. I guess you mean the crash folder of the beta build. But as far as I can see even if I just reproduced the crash - no new logs are created. And yes I work with the same files I sent to you and get the crash. If possible for you we can make a Teamviewer seesion.
  4. done, I used the dropbox link above for the ZIP file. I have deleted photos with people on them
  5. the IDML file is on the NAS in a main folder and the photos (about 400) are in many subfolders of this main folder. I can open the IDML file with the official build How many photos do you need?
  6. Hello, indexed words (created by Indesign CS6 in a test file) seems to be existing in the exported IDML file but not imported to AFP. I've renamed the IDML file "test.idml" to "test.zip", extracted the content and found this in the file "designmap.xml" <Index Self="u12b"> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnAffinity Publisher" SortOrder="" Name="Affinity Publisher" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnauditiam" SortOrder="" Name="auditiam" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnBeispieltext" SortOrder="" Name="Beispieltext" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnexerum" SortOrder="" Name="exerum" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnIDML" SortOrder="" Name="IDML" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnIndex" SortOrder="" Name="Index" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnommodignatem" SortOrder="" Name="ommodignatem" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnSeitenverweis" SortOrder="" Name="Seitenverweis" /> <Topic Self="u12bTopicnsunt" SortOrder="" Name="sunt" /> </Index> Regards, Uwe
  7. Hello, any information available? Regards, Uwe
  8. so far so good but now comes this info:
  9. Hello, can't login - see screenshot please. Regards, Uwe
  10. Hello, I want to open an IDML file (Created by Indesign CS6) - doesn't work - AFP closes without any information. I can reproduce it. If useful, you can get a recorded video. W10-2020H2 64bit, 16GB Regards, Uwe
  11. Hello, @Callum are there any news regarding my question? Regards, Uwe
  12. Hi Callum, thanks, but the same - no index is in the imported file. Attached examples of the files: the Indesign file and the IDML file. Regards, Uwe Test_Index_Indesign_APublisher.zip
  13. Hello, in the Indesign document are many indexed words. When I import the IDML file into AP but there are no more indexed words. Can AP not import them, are they already lost when exporting to IDML format or am I doing something wrong? The Indesign document is part of a book and the index itself is in a separate file, just like the table of contents. Regards, Uwe
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