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  1. +1 on DXF Import/Export.
  2. Please send it back to me yes, my email address is in my account info. I was not working from a recovery file. What I did is I opened a pdf (that I am trying to copy into Affinity) and copied element by element into the 'template' document. At a certain moment I focussed on the master page and copied parts in that, including text frames. I bumped into the strange behavior that I was not able to edit the text in the text frame of the master page anymore and then the crashes started. I read about master pages and watched a tutorial. Apparently Affinity recommends to only add guides to the master page, not text frames (I already had wondered how I could learn the master page to flow text to beyond the last page of the master - I actually added such a link to a document page and copied that into the master page). So first I updated to and then I tried to add guides and remove the text frame from the master page, and the next thing that happened was that Publisher crashed whenever I tried to reopen the document. I hope this helps
  3. Editing the master page of the attached document caused Publisher to crash. I then updated to 17.0.162. It did open, but after editing the master page again (adding guides and removing the text frame) Publisher crashed and it keeps crashing whenever I open this document. It does open other documents without crashing. A5 Manual template.afpub