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  1. Clicking on a single page (i.e. giving it the focus) seems to hide the guide lines. If I'm on a facing page (2 or 3, for instance), all is fine. If I click to page 1 (single page), the guides disappear. IMG_4120.MOV
  2. Fantastic. Thanks for that. I did search first to (try) avoid duplicates but missed that post. Sorry, and thanks again.
  3. Thanks for that. That’s sort of what I figured. A couple of thoughts, if thats ok: 1. This behaviour applies to edits made using other 3rd party apps too. They also get stripped. Being honest, I haven’t tested this extensively and I guess it will be dependent on how that app saves back the image (if they respect Apple Photos’ ‘non-destructive’ editing behaviour). 2. Affinity’s import image picker shows me the edited photo but loads the original. This feels a little disjointed. 3. Other 3rd party apps can import edited photos so I’m assuming this isn’t an OS restriction. I’ve just tested by making a number of ridiculous edits to an image and importing into Pixelmator and Hipstamatic. Both imported the edited image shown in their picker. Sooo, if I’m considering point 3 above, is this behaviour a design decision on Affinity’s part or an oversight? If, it’s a conscious decision to only import the original, than point 2 seems an oversight. Thanks again for your input. Would love your further take on this. P.S. it’s worth my mentioning that this is far from an end-of-the-world scenario. It’s something that I do sometimes though, and this implementation seemed weird to me. Thanks.
  4. If I make some edits or tweaks to a photo in the native iPad Photos app (or another 3rd party app, I think) and then open that image in Affinity Photo using the 'Import From Photos' option, Affinity will open the original image. Any pre-existing edits will have been stripped out and just the original JPG gets pulled in to Affinity. Thoughts? Running Affinity Photo version and iOS 11.3 on 9.7" iPad Pro.