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Layer order (reverse, reverse inside groups etc)

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Yes, you can say so. Z order is used to define the order in a Z axis (depth). Translating to Affinity Layer's panel it can be used to define the order of the layers in the layer's stack. Although it would not be my first choice when talking about layers in Affinity it does make sense when talking about CSS code for example (z-index property).

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Has this been made into a feature request, I would certainly second the ability to reverse the layer order, both for 'all' layers in a document and layers within groups independently, so that only the layers within the group are re-ordered, I seem to spend a lot of time doing this manually at the moment.

What would be great in addition is perhaps a preference that allows new layers to be added below, rather than above the current layer or something similar so people can select which they prefer.

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