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  1. I found a "workaround" on resetting the bounding box for the following objects: GROUPS: Ungroup then regroup. Skew, rotation, and bounding box will be reset. SHAPES: It's impossible in itself but you can place it in a group to have the bounding box reset. CURVES: Use an operation on your OBJECT. For me, I create a small rectangle and place it on a curve that I want to reset. I use ADD operation on them. Do take note that if you have round corners, they would be baked. I suggest that remove them first, and then reapply after resetting the bounding box. Also, the NEW OBJECT would have the fill and stroke of the OBJECT UNDERNEATH. In my example, it used the green fill instead of the red. I do hope that Affinity would have a simpler way to reset the bounding box permanently, but for now, these workarounds would do.
  2. Yeah this would be awesome. Even just the ability to change the color of the path would be a huge help. I'm currently working on a project that is mostly color blue so it kinda sucks that the paths were blending in with the actual artwork. What I'm doing to solve this problem is I'm working on grayscale so moving paths would be more manageable.
  3. I do hope that this will be implemented soon. I work on a lot of symbols and I want to delete large quantities of them.
  4. For anyone still having problems with this, my co-worker discovered a workaround for this. You can just select all kinds of objects then apply Scale with Object. Go to: Select > Select Object > Pick a category here > Then tick Scale with Object While they're are selected, you could also Scale with object the FX as well.
  5. Hello Everyone, I don't know if anyone already know this yet but I'll share it anyway. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.7 1. Select everything you want to reverse the order 2. Cut it (Ctrl + X) 3. Enable "Insert behind the selection" or go to LAYER > INSERTION > BEHIND 4. Paste it You can see that the order of the objects are now reversed. :D
  6. Please work on this Serif. Include the resizing of rounded corners as well (without having to bake the corners).
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