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Hi hokic,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Regarding the full lock feature: when a layer is locked you cannot select it from the canvas (only from the Layers panel which we consider a deliberate action) thus preventing it from being painted/modified. The only exception to this is the background layer (on the bottom of the layers stack) which we deliberately made selectable even when locked (for technical reasons). To prevent it from being painted/changed accidentally place/create a new pixel layer below it in the Layers panel. This turns your background layer unselectable again on canvas.

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Hey, MEB,

thank you for the trick you suggest, that may solve the unwanted auto select. And you are right, locking works for all other layers, my experience was not exact, after a few unintended painting on the background I have lost the trust into the locking, but background is really exception. I have checked. 

To be honest, I have to try to paint some more to get into the flow and get some experience to test how it works for me. At this moment I feel that ability to paint on locked layer makes more sense once I can do it only when I select the layer manually. Yet I still feel that there is some space for mistakes with no full lock. Because I know I have made those even in Photoshop (I use CS3) where there is no auto select so I need to select layers manually from the layers window and yet time to time (maybe while being lazy naming them) I do select a wrong one, so full lock helps me protects those finished = eliminate space for my mistakes. 

But your information definitely helps to understand that the space for mistakes in Photo is much smaller then I have thought. Thank you.

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