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  1. +1 - my post in this thread celebrated 3 years a few days ago :(
  2. Many thanks, @gabriel_komorov, this is a pretty cool application! Now I might actually spend time customising the Affinity apps to my liking (so far I found it a waste of time since it would get rewritten any time I switch PC). For those that are a bit confused (as I was) about what happens when you backup: The app takes the configuration files from desired Affinity software and saves them into a folder structure locate wherever the Spaceman.bat file is running from. I.e. If I (1) place the Spaceman.bat in D:\Affinity_backup and (2) take a backup of Affinity Photo named "testBackup", then (3) the resulting backup will be stored in D:\Affinity_backup\Workspaces\Photo\testBackup.
  3. +1 For this. I was really surprised that saving studio settings is not a feature.
  4. Hi, I just wanted to add my voice towards option to disable the auto selection. As a long time user of Photoshop, the current behaviour drives me to randomly selecting layers that I am not interested in, moving them around when I was not intending to, and aligning objects which I was not expecting to align.
  5. Ah, so I missed this in my search. Sorry about that. Thanks a lot for the pointers.
  6. Hello, Is it possible to apply a clipping mask on a group of layers in Affinity photo? Essentially I would want to reproduce this approach from photoshop: So far I am not aware of a non-destructive way of achieving this. The destructive way is to (1) duplicate the group, (2) flatten it and (3) apply the clipping layer to the flattened single layer. Thanks for any hints!
  7. Hi Sean, Thank you for the reply. I have continued with the file, eventually figuring out a workaround, so I don't have the file in the original state anymore. And when I try to reproduce the issue on a new file I indeed get the correct behaviour as you say, I am not sure where the original issue came from... If I ever encounter it in the future I will make sure to save the file. Sorry to bother you.
  8. Hello, I assume this is a bug (or a quite strange feature). How to reproduce: Create object with a mask Add Outline effect to the layer Bug: Masked area is immediately filled in - What I expected instead is that the masked area will receive the same outline as the rest of the image Quick demonstration: http://recordit.co/APv3vBzkKD Kind regards EDIT: This seems to happen for any object that has an "inside" space (not only masked one), this is really strange behaviour. EDIT2: It's not possible to achieve a replacement effect with Outer glow either, because the result is following: http://recordit.co/9XFAc3rGWP
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