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  1. Symbol can replace could be better, like the pic shot in Sketch.
  2. I bought the book last year, waited two months but can not received it. Could you please give me some advice to buy the book again for Chinese user?
  3. See the blue line in Layers sometimes, but I don't know what it means.
  4. Support Alipay will be more convenient for Chinese fans, I have helped 4 net friends buy AD by credit card because they don't have visa or mastercard. More and more windows users in China start to use and like AD, apple store and Sketch is already support Alipay, hope you could support it on your online store. :)
  5. Love affinity designer so much, just hope you can open the api as soon as possible, come on! :) A lot of apps which I use are waiting you open the api.
  6. Hope affinity designer add the Vector Perspective Transform tool. :)
  7. Why the SVG always be Embedded document, hope can have a button make the embedded document became a group or edit it in the same file.
  8. Keep the Ungroup button on bar when choose more than one group maybe better.
  9. It can improve the work efficiency if the app can ungroup more than one group in the same time.
  10. Hope the app can save studio settings.When I do different work I use to make different layout for it. For example when I do graphic design I just need 5 tools from the studio, but when I do UI design or layout I need other tools from the studio.
  11. When click the command hope can show the distance of Guides, the picture is a example in the Sketch to show what I mean. :)
  12. Hope can type Chinese by vertical, like picture in attach files.
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