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  1. Actually, the menu to change the spelling options is Edit > Spelling
  2. I use AD background in white. Now - in version - I don't know when artboards end.
  3. I like to use white background on Affinity Designer. In the version 1.6, artboards don't have borders, so it's hard to see its area. Is there a way to add borders again?
  4. esaramago


    There is no forecast yet, but yes: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25175-craft-by-invision-app/?p=119398
  5. On Adobe Illustrator, when you hover over any path, this path gets highlighted: This is usefull because you know for sure which path you're going to select, before you click on it. Is there a way to enable highlight on hover in Affinity Designer for Windows?