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  1. I have objects in my project with many different stroke colors and fill colors. I would like to be able to use the eyedropper tool with another object selected, click on an object, and have the original object's fill and stroke be updated to match the object that was selected. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Interesting. When I type an apostrophe into a text box, it's the curved kind, and in the search bar, it's the straight kind. The only way for me to find and replace everything was by copying and pasting from the text box into the search bar.
  3. Version: 1.10.5 Steps to Reproduce: Type a word with an apostrophe in it into the Find & Replace search bar. Does it happen in a new document?: Yes.
  4. I prefer it now as well, that I know how it's working. I've used Adobe for a very long time and Microsoft for a very long time, and Affinity is blending them in the best ways possible. Still really excited every time I get to click one of the Affinity buttons in my taskbar because it means I'm probably going to find something else new that I've wanted for literal decades.
  5. Ah, thank you. I was misunderstanding how those boxes worked. I didn't realize each selection had individual settings. Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to replicate this visual style from Microsoft Word where the table items are separated horizontally, but not vertically. In Affinity, however, I can only seem to get a border around the entire table. How can I set something up like the example above?
  7. Already enabled. This is not a OneDrive issue, as it happens in areas not affected by OneDrive.
  8. That's why I very much specified the downloads folder, which is local, and cannot be managed by OneDrive. They are all available offline already. That setting is enabled. This is not a OneDrive issue.
  9. I have recently been having issues with all three pieces of Affinity software on Windows where they will not open hardly anything. It's saying that PDFs aren't supported in Publisher, JPGs aren't supported in Photo and Designed, PNGs aren't supported, TIFFs aren't supported, etc. What could be causing this issue? I haven't changed anything really. I can't even open files that I opened just over a month ago. They're not in a new location on my PC either. Same spot, same file, new issue. Can't open most of my new ones either. The issue is happening with all files, whether stored in my OneDrive or stored in my Downloads folder.
  10. This is something I just now noticed, as I've never used Artboards in Designer before. When I make an Artboard, the whole background is a really bright gray color as opposed to the default nice dark gray. How can I set it up so that when I'm using Artboards, it's still the nice gray color instead of the really bright gray?
  11. I have two paths that are currently closed into a pentagon (sort of in the shape of a house). One is smaller, inside the other. I'm wanting to make the area between those two paths filled. Is there a good way to do that? Even if I can't fill, is there a boolean system?
  12. I just purchased Affinity the other day and I'm quite surprised this isn't a feature! I'd love to see it implemented in Photo and Designer. Maybe even have it as an option in Publisher as well, because there are many situations where partial opacity layers are massively interrupting my workflow.
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