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  1. I just rasterised and that worked too. Thanks a lot. Could you please delete the files I sent
  2. Yes I would like to have an upload link. I cannot share the files publicly due to the non-disclosure agreement.
  3. Hello I am having the same issue. But my Layers' names arent long as mentioned above. Still I am not able to export it as a PSD
  4. Thanks for the answer but in my justification settings, it writes 0 px. It is not percentage value which I don't know why. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Hello as you can see in the screencast below I cannot click on leading settings to change my Leading parameters. I could'not find that if this subject discussed before. I am using Mac Os Mojave (10.14.6) and 1.8.6 Publisher. Is it a bug or can I fix? Screen_Recording_2021-01-07_at_18_06_21.mov
  6. Sorry for all. I had to be more specific when pointing out an issue. I have mistakenly read that I am in the Publisher section. The issue concerns me is in Publisher, justification settings are not efficient enough as in the Indesign. In the justification settings the app does not allow me to give minus value to the "Desired Letter Space". It just stands as 0 px. So I cannot achieve a nice justified left paragraph. @MEB @Joachim_L @walt.farrell
  7. It has been almost 3 years already and justification settings are still not good enough.
  8. Yes, I know that feature but as you mentioned it doesn't save the space that much but thank you for your reply. I think double clicking to minimise the tools is also time consuming because some of the resized windows turn its default. For instance when I reopen Layer Window after minimising it gets smaller than my adjusted size.
  9. Hello I wonder is it possible to minimise all the tools to icon view in Designer, Publisher, and Photo. It is possible in Adobe apps and saving quite some space.
  10. Yes, please support Arabic and the other RTL languages. That would be wonderful
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