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  1. helirose

    SVG export not exporting all paths

    Added to original post. I'm using File > Export.
  2. helirose

    SVG export not exporting all paths

    I wasn't sure either, but then why would one part of the drawing export and the other part not? The filled path exports fine. I'm not using software to animate so this is actually really inconvenient for me.
  3. When trying to export a vector drawing as SVG, the stroked paths are only included when they're on the drawing area. I'm specifically placing them off the drawing area because I'd like them off the screen initially on my web page. The filled shapes export as expected no matter where they're placed. balloons.afdesign
  4. Hi, just like to post an update; Thanks for all the replies, I definitely didn't need hyphenation. Sorry I couldn't show an example but the piece I was working on was my CV and the trouble was on personal information. I ended up just working around my problem, separating the single line of text into sections and positioning them manually. I haven't had any problem with justification since so perhaps it was just a one-off quirk.
  5. Thanks, I'd already tried those, though. I want the text fully justified but evenly, not with one huge gap on the right and everything else clumped up together.
  6. Hi, I've had Affinity for about a week now and as an /affordable/ piece of software, I am loving it. Also bringing back memories of work experience several years ago at Wilford industrial estate... ;) but anyway, on to the problem.... Having a little bit of trouble with the full justify option - it just doesn't do anything attractive for my layout at all. Expecting it to space out my words nicely stretching across the full width of the frame and instead it's just adding a massive gap between the last two in the text frame! Not sure if there are settings to correct this or if the tool simply doesn't work as expected. Can anyone clarify what's going on with this one? Thanks.

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