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  1. Should definitely be a user based decision. Personally auto-select means hell to me when working with complex files. Sometimes a dealbreaker, meaning jumping back to Psd 😢
  2. Thanks @John Rostron, will look into that 🙂
  3. Am I missing something or there is no way for an avid group of artists, designers and developers to build their own plugins and share with this amazing community and the rest of the world without the awesome Affinity team having to do anything for to grow exponentially and make the Affinity tools even better?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply @Sean P Have look at my previous post and video. I think I found a way But would definitely love to see improvements to this. It's such a helpful tool and (as you know) key differentiator from the competition.
  5. Yep, got it! Have a look at the video. Screen_Recording_2020-07-10_at_15_38_01.mov
  6. Thanks for helping out @Markio. That is one special number. Check my last comment, I think I also found a workaround. Hope it's helpful.
  7. So… I think I found my way around it. 1. Activated "Show axis editing handles" 2. Created two vector lines at vertical and horizontal center of my Artboard 3. Dragged the Axis to the intersection of both (exact center of the Artboard), and voila! From what I've tested so far the whole pixel positions seem to be correct with the Grid lines intersections This is imo a workaround and this is something that requires some attention. Also the Divisions are not working and Spacing below 6px doesn't work, but I guess that has been thoroughly reported. Hope, this helps someone having
  8. I'm designing an icon library that requires isometric grid. The Affinity Designer grid tool is awesome but… it apparently has a bug. If you look at the video you can see that the math used to calculate the grid position is not working properly, which makes me misplace every point which will end up in blurry icons. Is this something you guys can fix quickly? This is a huge blocker. Have a look at the video and screenshots. The Artboard is correctly set to 512px, so that's not the issue. Screen_Recording_2020-07-10_at_13_02_07.mov
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