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* Urgent Notice For IPad to User’s Experiencing Prolonged Issues *

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This is too the many who are over waiting for Regular iPad updates to combat the many issues you have been experiencing with this app.

‘People if you’re concerned that GENUINE issues you have with IPADOS affinity are going unheard eg: the endless “we’ll pass this on to our Dev Team’ PLEASE post a concern to APPLE.
I personally have been reporting solid issues for at least 2 years here and this is a joke!
I’m sure if there’s enough of us posting to APPLE then hopefully something will be done about our reports of issues falling on deaf ears. Please, please post to Apple so we can have the solid and stable app we all paid for! 
Good Luck

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Yeah. I just got onto these forums about a month ago. Ive been leaving several posts about issues with the app. i went back to the first page of the forums to read what issues other users had with the app and there are some basic issues that were requested 5yrs ago that havent been fixed in the app. 5yrs! Thats not ok. 

I think the last update was a year ago. I dont know if theyre going to release an update soon but it feels like nothing is getting done for AD on the app. Ive been leaving my feedback on here. I sometimes feel like nothing is going to get done. I do get replies from moderators saying thank you for my feedback. Im patiently waiting. My feedback is not going to happen overnight. Ill continue to post feedback because I really want to make this app better but it does feel like issues from yrs ago that I had to repost are going unheard.

I figured Id just patiently wait to see if Serif is actually listening to my feedback and will eventually release an update soon because its been a year since the last. I am frustrated because it doesnt look like anythings getting updated. Ive noticed other app companies release an update every now and then for their app so I wonder why serif hasnt done the same. Nothing from serif yet. I dont know if Im at the point where I want to post a concern about to the serif team to Apple. Im am frustrated. It does feel like a joke. I just dont know whats going on on the other side to post a concern. IDK whats going on on serifs ends. I want answers from them first before I post a concern to apple. 

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On 7/12/2022 at 7:29 PM, Bowzer said:

I personally have been reporting solid issues for at least 2 years here and this is a joke!

Im leaving these forums. I think these forums are a complete joke. They honestly need to be shut down because theyre not doing anything. They're pointless. You got the serif development team not listening to its customers on here.  You got users who requested features from 2018 that still havent been implemented in this app. Features like rulers. RULERS!!! Something so basic. Or even a light interface instead of the dark interface we have right now. Its so bad. Very bad. I went through all 33 pages of these forums, wrote down every feature users requested, and the list is LONG!! Its ridiculous. So many basic features that are not in the app. Im angry. Im really angry,

Do you know what this means? its means that instead of using 2018-2022 to work on these features and put them into the app, youve neglected them, pushed all these features back, and now all these features are going to take 2-5yr for them to be put in that app so now were not going to see any results from this app till 2024/25. We could have already had a good working app with all these features. And thats not including the new ones that are coming in. Now the new features that are being requested right now have to be added to the other features that everyones been asking for and now the serif team has all this BIG piled up work they need to do thats not going to get done right now. We are all going to have to wait 2-5yrs for results. I cant believe it!

This next update, what ever youre working on,  is going to be a joke. A big clownery joke. Im gonna look at that list of fixes that the serif team has been working on and just laugh because its not going to be any of the features on these 33 pages from 2018-2022. Like, what are they even working on?  What were you working on from 2018 that youre so busy right now that you cant work on the app? Its just nonsense.

And these moderators are pointless. Their responses were "we'll pass this down to our development team to see if they'll decide if they want it.  theyre busy right now." You can not be THAT busy for 5 yrs that you cant put rulers or a white UI in the app. Its baffling. Im angry. Im very angry. Im angry because these features are not being put into the app, the dev team isnt working on this app, youve wasted 5 yrs of work, you wasted every users time on here, and nothing has been done. Nothing!

This app is dead to me and any future update is a joke. Nothings going to get worked on right now. Nothing. If youve ever requested anything on these forum, its not gonna happen. 

Im leaving. I just wasted a whole month of leaving feedback to the serif team only for them not do anything right now with my feedback because theyve got all this other back up feedback to work on. 

Im just so angry and disappointed. Youve wasted everyones times here. 

@MEB@stokerg@Gabe@DWright@Chris_K @Dan C @Callum@Sean P@Patrick Connor

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Here, here! To all of the above Moonatic Destiny…….when your trying to use this app for work, it does become a bit of a joke. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone whilst it’s in this condition.

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4 hours ago, MoonaticDestiny said:

@Mark Freemanjust read this whole post on why integrating rulers is funny

What, because it’s not going to happen? Well I understand your position, but you expressed it like a w******. I have personally found it frustrating ref the lack of response to certain issues, but to find out that AD on the ipad is superior to AI was refreshing, the latter doesn’t have free transform either, so the only other big one is rulers. That was my point, but you’re free to sound like a child if you want.

Edit: I’m guessing you assumed I posted on this thread, I didn’t….. so your initial “😂” was even less called for. I probably agree with most that was said, but again, you’re ranting about a cheep and overall great app, I’f you really don’t like it, you should pull out your wallet and get your cheep ass to pay the $9 a month for AI.

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4 hours ago, Mark Freeman said:

I probably agree with most that was said, but again, you’re ranting about a cheep and overall great app, I’f you really don’t like it, you should pull out your wallet and get your cheep ass to pay the $9 a month for AI.

Just give Serif their flowers 🌷and enjoy AD on ipad my friend. 😊

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