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Alfa Romeo 8C 2900


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Cool automotive piece, it's top down orthographic aspect 'drone's-eye-view' render style, at least for me is distinctive. Can't say I've even come across in a 3D CGI asset setting over on the ArtStation portfolio platform as a casual lurker and in particular, also liking the finesse involved creating detail for those seats, generating an appearance of the actual material they're typically crafted from.  

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Where can you find good source material for exquisite cars to produce an excellent rendering such as this? Are there sites where you can pay for higher rez pictures with greater detail? As a newbie to this app would this all be vector? If all vector when you increase the size of the render it still maintains it's resolution quality as I understand it.

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I usually start of with a search engine, I use startpage.com, and go for the highest resolution I can find. Perhaps start with 40mp and go down if I can’t find anything, but not too low res. There may be paid for sites with higher res photos but I’ve not noticed any. I don’t do anything modern but if you do then it’s likely to be easier finding hi-res photos than if it’s vintage. However sometimes high res have just been enlarged so when you look carefully it’s quite blocky and noisy, which you don’t really want if you can help it.

Finding a decent reference, whilst not always easy, is easy compared to actually doing it but that’s what practice is for and obviously depends on the style you want to go for.

Always look at a reference and try and spot things that are going to be problematic, presuming you’re going for photorealism. Sometimes when you think about it you realise it’s just going to be too much work (although sometimes it ends up being anyway!)

Yes, I only do vector although some do mix vector and raster but to me you either do one or the other. That is the advantage of vector, you can increase the size without it going blocky/ blurry but the more detail you put in the better it will look if you increase it by a lot especially looking close up. I usually work at A1 which is likely larger than you’d print it anyway.





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