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  1. Great. It looks like you could pick it up and play with it.
  2. Some vector portraits you wouldn't know who they were if you hadn't been told, can't say the same about this even ignoring the costume. Think the eyes do it.
  3. Wow. You see a quite a few watch illustrations but I think that this is the first photorealistic one that I’ve seen.
  4. How did you put it together? Looking forward to the new "proper" drawing too.
  5. As usual I'm looking forward to seeing the finished work.
  6. Just out of interest how far are you along in 2 and bit weeks?
  7. It's amazing what can be done with vectors. Are you open to suggestions for future projects?
  8. I've just seen the new AD 1.7 samples, well done
  9. That does look like a fun little or not so little thing to do. Do you know who created the ones you found? I'd like to have a look at those too.
  10. That's really good. The saddle looks like it was a lot of work.
  11. Thanks for that. However I think something needs tweaking, I'm not sure what exactly, as they look a bit flat rather than spherical.
  12. I would say that the middle raster part makes a better logo (didn't say good) than the whole image. Even if it was drawn properly I think it's far too fussy and the main part, which is your name, is far too small. But if you like it then use it.
  13. I think it will all come together fine at the end. How long do you think it is going to take?
  14. Thank you for the swatches. You can never have too many. I wouldn't know where to start either.
  15. Thank you for sharing. I need to have a proper look through it to see how it is organized but where do you start on it or doesn't it matter?
  16. Looks good so far. I have been meaning to try and create something photorealistic but have not decided what or rather what's not too complicated.
  17. It was just a general observation about font licenses sometimes being being misleading at first glance. I've not noticed any in these lists having that problem.
  18. I'm a big Ferrari fan and I would really love a print of that sometime.
  19. Thank you. It's not always clear on the license, some say 100% free then you dig and find they're not really. So a useful list.
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