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Very nice.. cute dog too..

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Software I love, and you should get :wink:
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Thank you all for your comments!


Is it a bird! ...  A squirrel?  What did he find? Is it behind that tree...


Yep... He found something that I tried to keep "secret"... I'll try to match your comment with yakk suggestion and reveal the squirrel :)

Just to know it it "works" better.

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My comment concerning the squirrel was merely meant to be taken as a part of my compliment on your excellent work. I left any comments about brushes or technique to those with the talent and experience with such to make such comments.


What I was referring to was the work as a whole; especially the implied leading line which directed the eye up and to the left. What you did there was actually quite brilliant in that this 'line' did not align with a corner to corner diagonal, as would be more common, but rather it was 'separate' from the format of the rest of the image being steeper and only through a part of the scene. Add this to the way that you had placed the (also implied) eye position slightly off-center and to top it all off placed the space surrounding this 'line' to the left as well, which brought it to the left of the subject and the 'light' thereby pushing the eye from the area of highest contrast.


OK, perhaps I cannot express what I want to say in simple English, so I can show you.  In any case, this is the type of thing I try to accomplish with my photography - to guide the viewer's eye how I wish. I am not always so successful. And your image accomplished this to a very high degree. My eye only 'wanted' to find what the subject was looking at and therefore became caught in a loop following the red line I drew back and forth. Occasionally it could temporarily escape long enough to look at the trees but their verticality constrained it and sent it back on the loop. (the elongated landscape format was perfect for this effect - even though there were plenty of trees the eye could not remain there). The brightest spot and the darkest spot were in one place and that is where the eye will want to be but that implied leading line caused the eye to want to see what was there at the other end - even though nothing was there. I hope you can understand what I meant now about "is it a squirrel?".


BTW the perfectly formed and placed squirrel is wonderful in its own right (especially as it is staring directly back, thus reinforcing the implied line), but these are now two completely different yet equally excellent works! And if I was still unable to convey my meaning with all of this just know that I really liked this illustration; it captured and held my interest for quite some time, and isn't that exactly what is supposed to happen.


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My comment concerning the squirrel was merely meant to be taken as a part of my compliment on your excellent work.

justwilliam, what you have done is picked up the front page of Paulo's story and started to read the first page. This is what great art is about and that has to be a good thing. :D He's telling us a story and we're keen to see more.

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