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  1. banditknight

    Logo of a local sports club.

    And a version without the football pattern on the outer ring. Thanks everyone for your advices and suggestions.
  2. banditknight

    Logo of a local sports club.

    You may be right. That's a remnant from the original design that only used a football pattern as a background. Now when removed it and restored again it seems like not needed. Without it the design looks more clear. Thanks for the advice. The two colors (blue and red) are based on the emblem of the home town of the club. I needed a third color to place a footballer silhouette. White seemed like a good match. You are right it reminds the Czech flag a little. Which is good I guess. The Czechs they are very nice and positive people :)
  3. banditknight

    Logo of a local sports club.

    A design that I submitted to a logo contest of a newly funded sports club in a small town in Poland.
  4. One of my first takes on Google's material design.
  5. Any ETA on this one? It would make my life a lot easier. And hat looks like a pretty easy thing to implement since you already are capable of scaling exports for iOS.
  6. I second to this feature request. It would save me a lot of time if could export in multiple scale factors for Android projects.

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