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Affinity Photo is in the Mac App Store Now!


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What a great program a great price.  Just goes to show some companies do care about what their customers want and don't shove things down their throat.  Keep up the great work!

Well, if they want to pour the copious amounts of celebratory Champagne, from winning shed loads of awards for AP & APu, down our throats...then so be it. :D  B)

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Hi everyone


In case you didn't know, AFFINITY PHOTO HAS LAUNCHED and is in the Mac App Store now.


I could say a ton about how fantastic the app is and give you so much information, but it's already out there on our website, so I'll just give you some links!


Mac App Store shortcut


Affinity Photo web page


Awesome promo video


Affinity Photo full features page with system requirements


Affinity Photo blog post about the launch


Launch Tweet - please retweet if you can


Launch Facebook post - and please share too :)


Obviously the whole team is delighted to see today after so much work, the devs have done an incredible job. Thank you all too for your part in helping the app grow during the beta test.





I have a question, can affinity be used as external editor of photo? I mean, can I use it without getting out of photo?

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v. 1.3.5 is today published: what should be the Lens Corrections?


Not sure what you mean Jonas - there is a new Lens Filter adjustment layer in the Photo persona that adds a nice colour cast.

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My name is Stan and I downloaded Affinity today to use with Photos as an extension.  After I downloaded it, it does not seem to work as an extension.  Is there any way to make it work directly in Photos?  That was my chief purpose in downloading as i have Aperture already and do not need another stand alone program.

Thanks for your help.


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  • Staff

Hello Maz

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Affinity Photo extension isn't available trough the Mac App Store version yet. Only after the next update.

To use it now you must install Affinity Photo Costumer Beta. Just remember to keep the Mac App Store version installed since it's needed to be able to run the Beta.

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Hallo, i'm new here and just bought Affinity from mac store, loved the idea of an extension for Photo, but i thought it would open Affinity in another window with all the affinity features... don't mind if it crashes, can understand it's a beta, but isn't going to change.. what appears like extension will be the main window?

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  • Staff

Hi IanStuartPhotographer,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Affinity Retouching extension is not meant to be a replacement for the main application. It contains just a subset of the main application's features.

What you're looking for (a roundtrip between Affinity Photo / Apples Photos) is not currently possible since Apple Photos doesn't offer support for editing in external photo editors (like Aperture for example).

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There will be any discount for Halloween?!



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Affinity Photo or Designer: I can not find anyway to adjust grid colors I thought this was promised for this update. I hope I am just missing it! Other wise Bummer! That was one feature I was looking forward to.

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  • Staff

The update today is 1.4.3 with OS X Sierra fixes ONLY. All other changes (currently in 1.5 beta) will follow when 1.5.0 is released to the app store in the next few months. We wanted the experience on Sierra to be as good as other OS's and needed to tweak one or 2 things to get that.

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