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  1. solved... but i don't know how... i closed Design and when i opened back i had it...
  2. Hallo to everyone, i'm having this frustrating issue, looked on the web and n the forum but had no answer... maybe a stupid question but it's driving me crazy... i can't find the drop down menu in my Brushes Panel, the first image shows mine and the menu is missing (menu for importing/deleting etc etc) i got the pic under from the web to show which menu i'm talking about... without it i can't rename or delete category brushes... Any advice...? Thank you very much . Ian
  3. Hallo to everyone... I looked in the forum but couldn't find any answers... is there a way to export directly from Lightroom some images to the panorama sticking function, like happens for PS in Lightroom... It would be really nice!! Thank you!!!
  4. Hallo everyone, i keep hoping that something like lightroom or Aperture comes out from you... have you got any idea.. timing... Maybe before fall....? Maybe before On1 raw comes out.... just wondering... and hoping.... Ciao Ian Ps... Great job...
  5. Hallo to everyone, i was wondering why i can open from lightroom in Affinity in PSD format, but after i can't have it back in lightroom, if i use a tif file or jpeg the is no problem... but not with PSD.. Missing something?
  6. Hallo to everyone, i'm trying in these days to update AP to version 1.4 from Apple Store, but every time it gives me an "not able to connect to server"... Any ideas?? Thank you very much!!! I am in Italy!
  7. YOU ARE RIGHT.... sorry, but i just didn't think of it.... quite stupid... but happens... thank you very much Ian...
  8. It did it with 16 bit .tiff RGB Lanczos 3 but also with jpeg... best quality... I have the last beta... tried to upload but to big...
  9. Hallo to everyone. I have a problem with exposing from AP. Once the image is exported it has some really strange colors.... But only if reported from AP... If the same image goes from Lightroom to AP and back no... Tiff format or jpeg happens the same... It doesn't happen if i save a .afphoto project. tried in various formats but didn't change... Thank you very much...
  10. Hallo Jack... gave it another try unchecking Affinity Photo like extension in Photo app. and now pictures show up in Photo. but... Raw file 7360 × 4912 - 38.8MB becomes jpeg 5535 × 3696 - 3,9 MB Tiff file goes from 3403 × 2192 and 39.6 MB to jpeg 691 × 604 90 KB Jpeg goes from 2882 × 2518 1 MB to 691 × 604 90 KB afphoto gets to Photo to, but still going from 7380×4928 to 5535 × 3696 And no exif remain in the file... It would be nice to have a nice workflow between them Thank you again Ian
  11. Hallo Jack, thank you for your welcome... Sorry but nothing happens... i tried with Raw files, Tiff , jpeg... i unchecked the import in Photo library... Once i click share to Photo, i can see the wheel working... but, no photos in Photos... :huh: I am running the last beta...!! :D
  12. Hallo to everyone, i'm trying to share my photos from AP to Apple Photos, but just can't make it... Any advice? Once finished my editing i go on share, photos.. but nothing happens.... :blink: :blink:
  13. Hallo, i'm new here and just bought Affinity from mac store, loved the idea of an extension for Photo, but i thought it would open Affinity in another window with all the affinity features... don't mind if it crashes, can understand it's a beta, but isn't going to change.. what appears like extension will be the main window?
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