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  1. At first i downloaded AD too. But what is a .afdesign file, a project that i need to make at first or a systemfile i can´t find? What is a "design file"? Please be exactly to explain how to use the extra content. Thank u very much...
  2. Hi there. Do you play with ideas to make a Movie Software or a 3D Software? To complete the Bunch. Greetz
  3. If i choose a Style it dont shows me wich Effect is used for, in the Effect-Tab. Ha* i found it...its because i have lag...its time latency problem....
  4. Illustrator can one-click changed into photoshop, but yes its different programm. I only say its just a idea...nothing is impossible. And it is right if we have one for all, most things we will dont need...but this is the coustomizing-part comes in ;) Of course, the different specifications of AFFdesigner and AFFphoto is one point, but i dont know the programs in deep, i think there are most tools in booth version working similar on the same basic ...like crop, select, layering, colouring, colourpalette, gradient technics, brushes, FX, u can put on photos and images and maybe vectors. Look the Selecting Tool in rectangle or circle or magic, if we have more option to tweak this mask and fill the mask so we can use it in booth versions for - cut out and layer - fill with, pics, gradient, solid, vectors - editing the edge with blur, 1 pix more or less, different forms, any forms and alle these is doubled in booth version, with other funktions.... And when users have access to customize the toolbar, so we have a idea of customizing, photo and designer software. Custimozing packs can be more designer or more photo or a good mix of booth or the biggest version with all...its just fantasy :rolleyes: Greetz
  5. Thanks, i think its better to compare pixelmator with photoshop...this looks more similar then affphoto but ur right similar parts are everywhere found, also in other software. Nice i will check the links, and have a eye on affphoto. I understand now the specials of booth versions...okay...thats all. Greetz
  6. Thanks MEB I think iam good enought with inkscape, so i not need the designer, but some paintings can i vectorize in inkscape too, not with the affdesigner complexitiy. What about vectorize images with a tool? So i don´t need to change, rly. I will wait for finished AffPhoto, the beta is not so ready, but primary looks good, and the outcome will be awesome, i think...the better Photoshop :D. The Public likes the Designer, much compliments and so on... Photoshop is good but i will never buy it or use crackware...affinity is the chain between, not to expensive with similar possiblilities. i like. - Will affphoto accept thirdparty fx? which kind? - will we have livetime upgrades or payable upgrade on every full version like 2-3-4? - how similar is affphoto to photoshop? -> big question i know... thank for open my eyes, good work ;) have nice day $0NOx
  7. Hi, i was a bit confused... what is the primary differences between designer and photo version...i was on the brick to buy designer version but stopped after studie the features...i think its more the painter/tablet/pen and pencil stuff but the features are maybe good enought for fotoediting, or not? I have inkscape too and use it frequently i work regulary with photos too, photomontage and photo design/art optimizing and so on... is the designer for me good enought or should i wait for photo? Thank for estimation s0n0x
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