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  1. Congratulation you deserve this award! Smack from Sicily! :)
  2. Hello everyone, I just realize that we miss MIME icon type for .afdesign How can we fix? This will be available on the next AppStore Release? Take a look here:
  3. Maybe developer but not designers. :ph34r: for this point I still prefer how Ai use rectangle shapes
  4. Hello team! I have a question for you: why the version under App Store repository take so long time for upgrade?! We need an upgrade for Yosemite iCloud Support, Fix on Fonts selection and many other think!
  5. Just posted mine after reading this! ^_^
  6. Hello, as you know I am a web designer and I'm proud to share with you my first big work. My company, Offerte Tour Operator, builds iframe for booking, hosted on many client sites, but our last and bigger committer is Costa. I realize che graphic of Costa Extra (entire website), business department of Costa Crociere, and the new tool for search Cruise and Vacancy (developed by our team). Tool: Website: I Hope you like it and let me say that AffinityDesigner is superb ^_^
  7. OH Yeah!!! I need this and I hope that u'll update asap the version in the AppStore! :D Thanks for all!
  8. I admit that we can't go lower than 8pt, but I think, and I am an user not a developer, that's because less than 8 would be unreadable? :rolleyes:
  9. thanks for this resource! maybe now we need an iCloud support for share Brusher throw devices?! ;) ;) ;) :D would be great!
  10. Hey Matt thank for this!!! Is it possible share on pinterest this resources for you? Or maybe can you do with your Pinterest Account? Thanks mate, really thanks! :rolleyes: ^_^ ^_^
  11. This would be great as SketchResources site but do we have this resources?! We/You need to collect something first! ^_^
  12. Thanks this will be useful for committer mockups! :lol:
  13. Hey mate, sorry If I hurt you! My point of view is that a Comic font can be used only for eye catch elements, but maybe its only because I'm a Web Designer! :lol: Peace and sorry again! ^_^
  14. Thanks a lot of tutorials, really well done and complete! just a small note to ... why did you use that font in a book to be studied? It's like ComicSans c'mon!
  15. Thanks for sharing but many user claim to know about objects distribution! I just discover how to do that, but it's vero differenti from Ai!
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