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Found 134 results

  1. Hi! Just started working with AD and really love it, but I've got a couple of things that don't work so smooth. First of all, I work with a Cintiq 22' touch. I would like to use the zoom slider on the back but it doesn't zoom. How can this be fixed? Undo in AD is different than in photoshop. I would like to change the shortcut to 'alt-command-z', but when I do this it only enters 'z'. How can this be fixed? Many thanks!
  2. I've got a Wacom Bamboo tablet (I know it's rather dated, but it works well). When I regularly used Adobe Photoshop (18+ years) it wasn't as laggy, but with Affinity Photo I often notice quite a bit of lag. Sometimes I brush and it just doesn't show. I use a 9' USB cable because my wife likes cables to be unseen and out of the way (the same with computer boxes!). My system has 32Gb ram and quad-core i7 processor. As I mentioned before, it didn't lag much at all with Photoshop (but did on occasion). Is it possible that the length of the cord has something to do with the lag? Is it more probable that there's something going on with the software itself? Is it because the Bamboo tablet is older and a newer tablet would be more responsive? I'd like to explore these ideas and see what could give me a more responsive experience.
  3. Hello, In an effort to transition from Photoshop to Photo, I thought I'd try to at least establish a freehand sketch for a design I'm working on in Photo rather than Photoshop. I tend to use a simple hard round brush with shape dynamics enabled in PS and Jitter determined by Pen Pressure. With Photo, I've selected an equivalent brush under the Basics and set Size Jitter to Pressure under Dynamics. So far so good. The problem I'm experiencing is that when I sketch a freehand curved line in Photo, the precision isn't quite there. The curve I draw is often made up of a series of small (and sometimes not so small) straight lines rather than following the pen exactly. It's as if the software is unable to keep up with the pen and interpolates between two points along the movement of the pen. Photoshop doesn't do this. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a known issue and if so, will it be addressed? Having the line follow the pen exactly is critical Thanks, -grant
  4. Hiya, I'm about to purchase both Affinity photo and designer as I've been very impressed with their performance in the free trial. I'm also considering purchasing a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and want to know if Wacom support Affinity applications? I'm using an iMac. many thanks Pete
  5. Hi everyone! Perhaps it's just me, but I can't get wacom's grip pen tilt sensor to work with the brushes. I was trying with the DAUB markers (the one with the "vertical" shape). I can get pressure sensitivity, but no tilt for changing the shape rotation ... Is this possible? Thanks.
  6. I have found that the Photo colour picker when clicked on with a Wacom Intuos 3 pen with latest driver selects a new colour alright but switches to black as soon as the pen is returned to the canvas. If the colour picker is removed from its dock and placed elsewhere on the screen or on a second monitor it works as expected. The pen is also rather laggy compared with using a mouse or Magic Trackpad. I've tried adjusting the Wacom preferences but has made no difference. Not a huge problem but I guess one that could be fixed. Great App otherwise.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if Affinity will have the support for the Wacom Bamboo Sketch stylus on the ipad in the near future? I'm currently using the apple pencil but it feels like I'm scratching on wood with it. There's only a handful of apps that support the Bamboo Sketch I was hoping Affinity would soon have the support as well. Or am I barking up the wrong tree, is it Wacom I should be approaching for this?
  8. Hi, I recently installed Photo on Windows 10 and I can't use it successfully with my Wacom Touch 5. I have the latest stable drivers (6.3.20-5). I keep getting exceptions that cause the application to crash. The steps to reproduce are: 1. Open a new document (Web, FHD 1080p preset) 2. Select the Paint Brush Tool 3. Paint a bit with the tablet 4. Select another window outside of Photo 5. Select Photo again 6. Start painting The result is an Unhandled Exception message box with Code: 0x80131516; I've attached a screenshot below. I can trigger a similar exception in Designer by following the same repro steps (albeit using different new document settings and the Pencil tool). In the Designer case, the exception is not handled, so I can bring up a debugger. When I do so, I get the following exception details: System.OverflowException was unhandled Message: An unhandled exception of type 'System.OverflowException' occurred in Serif.Affinity.dll Additional information: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. It appears that it's occurring in the following method: Serif.Affinity.dll!Serif.Affinity.Application.HandlePointerInput I'm not sure if that's helpful or if these exceptions are even related between the two applications, but I thought I'd include these details, just in case. Thanks! Edit: fix typo
  9. Hi. Is there any timescale yet for when the jagged brush stroke issue will be fixed for Wacom cintiq companion users? I first reported this when the beta build was out and I just tried the latest wacom drivers with latest Affinity photo to find the problem still persists. This is not slight wobble from an unsteady hand it is the jagged pixelated jumpy brush stroke that only occurs in affinity photo and photoshop elements for me. All other software works fine with the cintiq companion. Without some kind of brush stabilisation the software is unusable to me as a photoshop replacement for painting and inking. Thanks. previous posts - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27924-disappointing-experiences-with-brush-tool/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27428-jagged-brush/ top affinity, bottom photoshop cc. I reduced spacing as much as possible and reduced hardness. Also when my cursor hovers over an area the strokes appear to vibrate almost like marching ants, hard on the eyes.
  10. Hi Guys Simple question I guess, will a Wacom stylus work with Affinity Photo on the iPad Air 2? I don't use the iPad very much as I am mainly a web designer but I do own one and a Wacom pen and I would like to buy the software but obviously only if it works with the set up I have. If the pen works at even a basic level then thats fine, I just can't see myself masking pictures with my fingers. I can't warrant buying a iPad Pro as I only use it occasionally to test websites and other bits but I'd like to support this software if I can at least have a play with it with what I have. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers Gary
  11. I think its been motioned before but please add in the ability to use the rotate command in the cintqe touch Wacom to allow for canvas rotation and zoom!!!! Also the ability to map canvas rotate to the touch ring on a standard Wacom!!!
  12. Hi, When you select multiple layers in the layer manager, to move them up or down, these layers don't appear visually selected, it seems as you're not going to move the layers, but when released they've really changed his position... it's a pretty uncomfortable bug. I have this problem working with Wacom Intuos 4, in 2 different computers, an iMac running Mavericks and another one with Yosemite.
  13. I am looking to upgrade a really really old Wacom Graphire 2 tablet, but I would like a tablet that would allow me to have the most functionality and options in the brush settings. In other words I want all the whistles--tilt, rotation support, if possible!
  14. fallenskellington


    Having issues with the brushes and my intuos wacom tablet. the curves come out choppy, and the flow of the brush on screen its weird. don't want to compare but I've tried other softwares for drawing and the tablet works fine.
  15. I ordered a slightly used Wacom Intuos5 touch Small Tablet with pen, cable and wireless kit for $140 from a graduating Arts student. Does it sound like a good buy? Being a lefty I noticed Wacom's tablets can be flipped around and software switched. I know Huion has handedness settings but I still don't fancy rotating the tablet and have the labels upside down. My only concern is whether it will lag on wireless with AD or APh? I recall reading somewhere that USB cable is preferred. Can you advise me. Have Affinity staff got inhouse experience with this model (PTH-451) Thanks Michael
  16. This is a bit hard to explain but I'll try: 1. Go to Pixel Persona 2. Select the Paint Brush Tool 3. Draw a line using the mouse, works as expected 4. Take your Wacom stylus and draw a line with it, works as expected 5. Grab the mouse again and try to draw a line, it won't draw anything anymore You can still do "spot drawing" with the mouse, that is single click in any spot, and have just a single bit of brush drawn. Hopefully my instructions were clear and the bug is easy to reproduce. Thanks!
  17. Hello, Clicking toolbar and menu buttons does not work with Wacom tablet stylus. I use Wacom Intuos Touch M with latest drivers on Windows 7. I can still draw using the pen with Pen/Pencil tools. Menu items got hovered, but not clicked. Touching works thought. Disclaimer, I'm new both to vector graphics and tablets. I suspect there could be a setting to enable it, but I failed to find it. Regards, Roman
  18. For Affinity Photo (maybe also on Designer) i use Photo with a Wacom tablet. My Problem ist: i have no Crosshair when i use "Paint Brush" ("Always show Brush Crosshair" is ON). I only see the Contour (without the a CrossHair in it) but this is not exactly enough for me. Sometimes i have the WindowsCursor instead the Brushoutline.... Can you fix this, because this is a "no go" for me i must return to evil Ph*** ;-) Thanks ps. by the way now, when i start a new Document i have the Crosshair! (when i use Paint Brush) In the Moment i open an old Document the Crosshair disapeard an the outline is there ... or sometimes the Cursor from Windows!!
  19. Hi, I am using affinity photo on windows and occasionally use pen input. I would appreciate the option to only draw with the pen, not by accidentally touching the screen with a single finger (or by palm rejection not working at that particular moment, or by simply forgetting what happens when you use a finger while drawing with a pen). If that option is enabled (maybe only when a brush is actually the current tool), a little button next to the pressure sensitivity button could enable/disable that behavior. And then, maybe finger input could automatically be something else, like moving and selecting objects. Best
  20. Hello I would like to use the brush tool with pressure sensitivity that change only the flow of the brush, not the size. However, when i try to modify the jitter settings of the brush by disabling the size pressure jitter and enabling flow pressure jitter, the behavior of the brush does not change. When putting more pressure on the stylus, it still increases the size of the brush. I have tried in Affinity Designer Vector + Pixel modes, and in Photo, and they act exactly the same. I am on Win10x64 with Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch M.
  21. Pressure sensitivity is not working for me in Affinity Designer. It is working in other apps (tablet properties and Xara Designer demonstrated). Clean install of Windows 7 x64 Affinity Designer 1.5.36 Retail Wacom Graphire ET-0405-U USB Driver pro620-w5 (the last official driver to support the original Graphire tablet). "Pressure" is selected both within the brush and as the controller on the context toolbar
  22. Zaughtilo

    First 3 projects on AD...

    I got Affinity Designer at Christmas last month, and at first just played around to understand the program but I am now starting to do projects. With my small wacom tablet, I drew the two characters who are from the popular video game Overwatch. The robotic looking one is known as Zenyatta, a robot monk. The other is Reaper, a man who died then revived. The 3rd has nothing to do with Overwatch. Just some random thing I felt like making. Supposed to a underwater creature. Hope you like my work :) please keep in mind I just started.
  23. I know graphics tablets questions have been asked a heap of times but looking at buying one for a project I have coming in February so need to know I'm getting kit that works first time. So my question is this: Will budget graphics display tablets such as XP-Pen 10 or Parblo Coast10 work and play well with Affinity software, or are they a disaster? Ive heard drivers can be tricky. I would like the Wacom Cintig 13HD but £600 is a lot of money to pay out in a very skint January.
  24. writing -hiç- mean nothing..Sufi word.
  25. Marisha

    Wacom pen&touch

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I just bought affinity designer software, and my pen doesn't work. Working with every programme I have but not with this one. Any help? Thanks