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  1. Yes my OS is Windows. My tablet settings you can see below. It's similar to settings from your link v_kyr. But without "Edge swipes" checkbox and without "My Gestures" tab. As I wrote, horizontall scrolling (two fingers) works in another applications so, tablet can do it. Affinity recognize three fingers touch. Moving canvas in any direcion works with View tool. But it's uncomfotable.
  2. Hello! I can't configure gestures. I can only swith it on/off. But in another applications (e.g. Internet browsers) scroll with two fingers horizontally works well. So, tablet can send suitable message. Could you look at this problem Mark? It would make my job easier. My tablet is cheap I know but I have got this one. By the way, I bought Affinity Design and Photo and I love them. They are so excelent, I will not change them to another, even you not resolve my problems Slawek
  3. Hello! Is any way to scroll left/right with finger gestures (tablet Wacom Intuos Photo)? I can scroll up/down but left/right only in View Tool (H). But in this case scroll stop when cursor reaches the edge screen. Then I must move cursor in opposite direction and then again scroll a part of canvas. Slawek
  4. Hello! I’m testing Autodesk Sketchbook with Wacom Intuos Photo Small tablet. I can zoom, rotate and move (in any direction) canvas with two fingers, without take fingers off tablet. It is very comfortable. Can you implement such feature in Affinity Designer / Photo (Windows)? I love Affinity software but I miss comfortable manipulation of canvas. Sławek
  5. Hi! How to speed up Affinity Designer/Photo? What is more important CPU or Video Card? Sławek
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