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  1. rondfranks

    Affinity Photo Workbook for iPad

    I think that even an iBook cheetsheet or quick reference guide would be very useful, especially if it could be displayed in split view.
  2. This is happening in Designer and Photo when using the brush tool. Doesn't happen in Photoshop, Painter, or other graphics apps. Screen goes black for a split second and returns every few seconds. I've tried various options in the brush settings with no success. It was happening in 1.6.1. I updated to 1.6.2 with no improvement. Unfortunately I deleted older versions that seemed to be working fine, but usually I don't use the brush to with Affinity, just basic photo modification, and just noticed it today. Running on a Wacom MobileStudio 16 Windows 10 tablet. Happens with using either the Intel Iris Graphics 550 or the Nvidia Quadro M1000M display adapters. Drivers for both are up to date.
  3. Support for the TinyPNG plugin is definitely something I could use also.
  4. rondfranks

    Crash 2nd time help is accessed

    Same thing happened to me. Getting ready to save and opened help. Crashed Windows 10 Photo (not beta) to desktop.
  5. I'm also interested, but the like to the thread doesn't work properly.
  6. I would like to second being able to add a second column of panels on the right side of the screen. This keeps all the panels in one area and allows easier access to more info and choices.

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