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  1. I totally understand the art board debate, thing to remember is that not everyone is in paper publishing. As a web developer, I find I use art boards a lot while doing UI mockups and wire framing. I like to view the art boards side by side vs. in layers so I can quickly see the exportable sprite objects that I will save out to animate with css or scripting later. I work at an agency that also owns the 6th largest large format digital printing company in the US (with a mixed bag of designers and developers).. and I do notice that the publishing type designers don't really uses art boards as they live in a indesign world and only use vector design for logos and single placed elements, but the sign/vinyl designers and the web developers use them all the time. The sign guys will layout 100 different - 3" x 12" signs or something that all look the same but might have a text change on all of them and keep master file and then export them all to flexi sign or onyx for large format printing.. and the web developers can design a lot of UI or sprite items and export them as pngs or svg files and keep them all in one mock up file. I think there is a valid reason to use art boards. I'd be willing to submit a bunch of our large format set up files and web design files as case studies for the affinity team to look at.
  2. Is there any hope of getting multiple panel columns? Right now all the panels drop into one column on the right. I would REALLY like to get the panels to attach to the left of the main panel column too. Especially for large screens, this would make accessing tools in the panels easier. See the screen shot attached for a better understanding. I just is weird when I move my screen the additional panels do not move with the rest of the UI because I have two columns of panels? Thanks,
  3. Just bought this from the App Store. I've been using the beta's and this is the first time this has happened. I selected the type tool. But I could not type anything? I chose a font and a color? But it would not let me type. After a bit of trial and error. I noticed in the "character" panel that the language had nothing selected by default. The drop down menu was blank. I had to select "english", and then I could actually type. People might get frustrated if they can't type anything. I'd be curious to know if anyone else ran into that. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I never ran into it in the beta versions. This was my first instance of running the purchased version from the app store.
  4. Is there going to be an option to buy this from you directly outside the App Store? The reason being, in many creative agencies the designers don't own the software or machines they are working on, thus not being able to use a personal apple ID on a given machine in a department of say 20 or 30 designers split between two buildings. I also know I'm not going to set up a bogus Apple ID for all the machines to download a copy and tie a credit card to it. (Apple just makes buying theses kinds of apps in a corporate setting really hard.) Just curious on how this would work? Are you offering multi-licensing for business?
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