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  1. OK... Thank you for the mega fast reply! This should maybe be my first feature request No joke... If you work for the web image compression is an important topic. Anyway a great piece of Software!
  2. Hi there! Is there anybody who can tell me if the PS plugin TinyPNG runs in Affinity for Windows? https://tinypng.com/photoshop THX!
  3. Hey & thx for the Link! Finally I found a simple solution there.... It is possible to run Affinity without the Win AERO-Dsign you just have to start it with an Option: "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\Photo.exe" "--no-dwm-warning" BTW: From my viewpoint it is stupid not to give users this option in a Dialog when installing. Many users will just give up and thats a pitty... With a fast mashine Affinity is runing fine - even without the AERO Crap... Best!
  4. Hi! Just downloaded the Demo, just wantet to know why I need to switch to an Aero desktop? This means changing my whole worspace... I'd like to keep my oldschool Win2000 lookalike Desktop. Is there a possibility to get Affinity running without the Aero Desktop? THX & Greetings!