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  1. wysiwyg

    Call for Camera Images

    Done, hope you are worikng on a LR replacement.
  2. Installed and did some basic things withthe new beta. Simple steps to reproduce on my system 1. open a file or a blank document 2. select brush 3. select forground colour (e.g. red) 4. Paint using wacom pen 5. nothing happens. Using the mouse however it's fine. All these steps work fine in the latest In addition when I activate Stabilizer I have no choice to deactivate due to an unvisible cursor. I know it's a very early beta but why is the basic funcionality not more careful tested before making the version available (even on betas the basics functions should work) OS win10 x64 Wacom latest drivers (previous driver had been uninstalled before installing the new Wacom driver) regards klaus
  3. wysiwyg

    problem ...70 beta

    Hi all, Downloaded your File and tried to reproduce the Problem. Sorry but for me it works fine without observing any problems. Have you checked for the latest Gaphic Card driver? I attached a screenshot at 300% regards from Germany
  4. In order to find new documents it is useful adding the date to individual entries. The date was present in the past but it is now missing. Thank you
  5. I configured AF as an external Editor in LR and used psd as the format of my choice. When completing the external edit I must go via the export persona in order to save as psd. This is a bit complicated, because after saving via the export persona as psd and closing AF still asks for saving in its own AF format. I would prefer when an psd file is openend ther should the psd format the first choice for saving.