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  1. newty

    macro select 2 layers

    Gnobelix hi and very thanks for your explain and "patiente" really now all work very fine i can say ....it was to do macros for sharpness used 1 group of 2 layers etc etc thanks all toooooo much 1 point : yesteday night for france i had fixed "be notified" and now again ......I have not be notified !!!!
  2. newty

    macro select 2 layers

    just a point with windows in macro crtl + alt + A doesn t work i have to use the top menu but i m so happy it work very fine great thanks again
  3. newty

    macro select 2 layers

    hurrrrrrrrrrrra amazing team AP and forum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it works fine !!!!! too much thanks !!!!!!!
  4. newty

    macro select 2 layers

    fine very very thanks
  5. newty

    macro select 2 layers

    select all others layers then grouping impossible to select them .. great thanks
  6. newty

    macro select 2 layers

    thanks a lot really i tried to understand ...whitout success because in AP the macro is open and i just see open lockactive ...etc without effect in a sample . il you would like to ...share picture step by step or in ..DREAM , a video ... also ! great thanks for your post
  7. another time i have not be ...notified !!!!!!
  8. amazing 1, i have tried with the "first method" resul ...good 2, ok for AF not yet ... 3, your "quote" is very interessing would you like to ....make an example , PLEASE it seems to be THE !!! Solution for me very thanks
  9. before coming back i have to try your "method"
  10. yes ...with level result its good ... but is no "fix" as i want the black and white point as in video , IS it ????? perhaps its the same thing ...i dont know but in my case results whith level or "fix , pick" black and white is not the same ..... and pick have been a best result .... really thanks , perhaps i just a newbie your job is very pretty good !!!!! hura
  11. hi and thanks all seem to be correct ..... i dont understand why i missed tese amazing and important ..post !!!!!! great thanks

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